Wild Moth- Inhibitor- Music Review


Wild Moth

They sound like a 1980’s english rock band, but with better production. Joy division or a bit harder less poppy Jam. This release calls to mind those power pop/rock bands from the 90’s I enjouyed. Like Fig Dish, Triple Fast Action, Urge Overkill or Frete Blanket. Quick. Not that the songs are short but it was over before I knew the last song had played. I waited for a minute, then realized it was over.

If you handed this to me and told me that you found this record in a bunch of LP’s from rock bands of the 1990’s , I would say “Yeah I believe that. I see the simlilarities”. I dig that driving rock beat. Not to say it sounds dated, because it doesn’t. It takes me back to the mid 1990’s when I started my zine. I would hear new music and get excited about it. Not like now, being the bitter old fuck that I am.

I like a band to err on the side of driving rock. Dual vocals are well done, sometimes bands mix them weird. This is well done, one of the vocals is a bit back in the mix, giving it some depth and range. Even when they slow down the vehicle to scan the scenery from their car window, this band is driving. Finding interesting things at all speeds, things to share, report or pretend to be.

*This review was written by Brad Bugos. He’s a delusional weirdo who thinks everyone loves him and that they can’t wait to be his friend.What a dip. Thanks for reading this review, check out Wild Moth on Episode 237 of SLTM (The Podcast).

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