White Wives S/T 7 Inch Music Review

White Wives S/T 7 Inch Music Review

White Wives - Seven inch Front Final

White Wives
S/T 7 inch
A-F Records

I like everything about this release, well I wish it had more songs but that’s not really a complaint is it? What I like most about these catchy as hell pop/rock songs is the harmony vocals and the different affects that they employed on them. A little distorted, a bit distant but very distinct.

I would be happy to have this 7 inch in my collection and to follow this bands progress as they continue making music.

Has a very British Pop feel too it, maybe even a bit of Big Country flavor.

I am envious of bands like this, that have a vision of what they want their music to sound like and how it should be shape, then to have it come out this well. I don’t think there is anyway I could concept and complete anything this well.

I would like to see this band do a tour with my beloved Broadcaster, that would be a nice bill. Two rocking pop flavored bands with good harmonies and solid catchy riffs. Book this fucker now please someone with their shit together more than me.

By the way listen to “Yours”, especially the final minutes when the singer is yelling a bit in desperation, and the guitars come chiming in and tell me you won’t get hooked up in that. If you can’t your ears must be clogged full of Nyquil juice, fingernail bits, and nacho sauce. Unclogged those fuckers Junior, and get you some of this.

This review was written by Brad Bugos. You can reach him at brad@fatrobotradio.com and you can hear a song from this seven inch by White Wives on SLTM (the Podcast) by typing in their name in the search box. Enjoy.

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