Where have all the good times gone?


There was this dude I used to work with at a local restaurant. He and I both washed dishes. In between times of clearing off tables and washing dishes, he would tell me stories about his life. His was a sad life, filled full of abuse and hatred. He was a tad off, would be the nice way to put it. I remember him during the down times in the conversation or just when I would return from clearing table of dishes, when he would box himself. Now, this consisted of him punching himself hard in the face, and calling the fight like a person was watching it on the television. He was a fascinating fella, I wonder whatever happened to him? I wonder if he would like this podcast?

Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast):
Sons of Tonatiuh
Terminal Orchestra
LP TRACK: Rubber Bush – S/T- “Another Brush with the chance of Realizing Fame”

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