War Brides- Burden- Music Review


War Brides

War brides play your prom.

It’s an interesting choice that the prom committee made this year for the band to play prom. Most people wanted the Hexxes’, who play modern rock covers, but the committee decided for War Brides.

When we get to the dance, I notice that no one is dancing, but there sure is a lot of energy in the building. Some people are getting into it, some are just confused, while a small gaggle of cool people start pointing fingers and asking who booked this band. It’s a weird choice for a high school prom.

There seems to be an angry energy flowing from the stage. The more the band plays, the more people seem to be opening up and enjoying what the band has to offer. That’s all the band is asking for, open minds. Enjoy, let yourself go, you need Mellancamp, Houston, or Heart to get out on the dance floor?

The guys at the dance are all thinking “Well, this isn’t going to get me laid like Bryan Adams would”. A feeling starts to permeate across the crowd, “Even though you’re young and full of cum, life is not going to just spread it’s legs wide open for you”. You’re not special, it seems to say, just because you have your whole life ahead of you. Let’s see if you are worthy.

The song “Shark” could be a metaphor for life, or it just could be about a Shark. “As the bodies wash up on the shore”, if this is a metaphor then young adults beware, it’s not enough to tread water and keep moving, otherwise you are just chum, bits and pieces washing up on the shore.

So you walk out of the prom, something gnawing at the back of your brain. Not sure what it is, why your head seems to be in a different place. You apply your old friend booze as a lubricant to your date, although none is needed. Afterwards, that feeling of invincibility and specialness you felt all the way through school starts to tarnish a bit. For the first time in your existence you realize that this life may not be such an easy going thing. All it took was one band singing not at your testicles and hormones, but to your brain and concept of self. Sometimes it just that close of a shave.

Hear a song from War Brides Burden LP on SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 231

Remembering his one time at prom, Brad Bugos wrote this review because he’s under the impression that he’s artistic and deep. He’s not, just a sack of shit in a wet paper bag. Leave comments below or email brad@fatrobotradio.com

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