Victory and Associates Better Luck Next Life Album Review

Victory and Associates Better Luck Next Life Album Review


Victory and Associates
Better Luck Next Life

After listening to this release a lot for this review, I have a driving desire to get a tour set up across the country featuring Victory and Associates, The Restorations, and Kite Party. Just tour all over the country for months at a time sharing these bands with desperate rock parched folks. What a great time those six months would be.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Everything’s Amazing (nobody’s happy). It has such a nice David Bowie flavor to it, but with some really nice punk rock guitar sliced in, nice hooks too. This is the song I would push at the radio station, featuring it in a new songs from cool bands you haven’t heard. Long title I know, but the radio station in my head is on 24 hours a day 364 days a year (one day off for Producers of a Crappy Podcast Day) and I have a lot of time to fill. Hey, there are only so many dick jokes I can work up.

That’s not to say that the rest of the album isn’t enjoyable, it is. Very. The above song is just the one that I think listeners would connect with and it’s a nice shot out of the gate song for the band. Yeah, I know it’s song #5 on the album, this song just typifies the band’s sound for me.

And how about that drum solo to end “Exasperated, inc”. Fucking Brilliant. That’s the kind of stuff that I wish bands would take more time to include on their releases. I mean who the hell ends a song with a nice drum dip? Victory and Associates, that’s fucking who.

Boy, if I had lottery money, first thing I would do after writing and financing a comedy movie for Chris Elliott, would be to rent a luxury cruiser and take those three above bands on the road, slowly building a nice following. Playing to 50 to 100 people every night, sharing the music and letting people hear some good sounds that may not normally make it to their ears.

“We’ll Have to be our own Hero’s” has a nice metallic guitar crunch to it. Shows a different side of the band I think, sure it’s not all out doom metal guitar, but it’s got a nice crunch to it that the other songs don’t, making it a good bit off road diversion.

“Ignore Button” could be a Gaza Strippers song. I mean, that guitar at the beginning? It’s totally Rick Sims and the lads from Chicago via Sullivan Illinois.

At the very least you need to follow the links below and listen to and download for name your price this release off their bandcamp. You really should give it some time, give it a few listens and then throw the band a few bucks.

Me? I’ve gotta go get some scratchers at the local Mobil station, I’ve got a tour to plan.

Music Review by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

Victory and Associates Bandcamp

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