Tinkerbells – Fine Asses 7 inch – Music Review


Fine Asses 7 inch

Fine Asses is a fine EP. 7 songs. Starts out like a fuzzed up “Let’s Dance” and then just boogies and pounds from there.

I like the fact that the production on this release is a bit fuzzy and dirty, fits the music well, and gives it a bit of an edge, or film of dirt.

Most of the time when looking for and/or review new music you just have to stumble upon stuff. You really have to give everything a listen, and a good chance to breath. I’m not saying you have to listent o every piece of music you encounter twelve times, but since there is so much music and we’ll only touch about a third of it in our life times, you need to listen to what you can and see what hits you. For me it’s always something catchy, but also something the sounds a bit different than most music or that has some sort of idea of what it’s doing. Concepts are not a bad thing and not necessary, but a clear idea or a weird idea helps.

This release has nice bits of diversion, a live version of “Let’s Eat Some Tacos”, a few bits of movie/television dialogue and some fuzzy up front guitar and muddy vocals. Also dig the hummed, slapstick, impromptu “Don’t Worry be Happy” at the end of the EP.

I recommend this release to anyone looking for something with some character, and for people who like a little Pussy Galore style fuzz and a light layer of scum on the top.

Brad Bugos wrote this release. He has no idea, despite many years of writing music reviews, what the hell he is talking about. All that he hopes is that you’ll take his reviews as a sign post to check out the artists, and bands that he talks about. Thank you for reading this , now go to Tinkerbells Band Camp site and check them out for yourself.


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