Thinning the Herd Music Review

Thinning the Herd Music Review


Thinning the Herd
Freedom From the Known

At times and in bits and pieces this band can sound like a less Motorhead-ish Nashville Pussy and a less spacey Farflung. Which in my book, cause I really like two of those bands and love Motorhead, is a wonderful sound mixture.

After this cold as fuck winter, one in which I was left wondering if I was ever going to see a warm day again in my life, nothing would settle my deepening depressive cacophony than some driving around in the country with the windows down and Freedom from the Known coming out of the car speakers. It’s that perfectly crafted type of album that would suit a lazy, warm drive aimlessly heading in a blinding drift of warm breezes and no destination.

This album is never over or under heavy, it’s just the right amount. I’m driving around in my car, I’ve got a cold sixer in the trunk, and I need to pull over somewhere in the country, a nice shaded area that I can pull my car up to , open the trunk , turn the tunes up a bit and relax in the afternoon sun. Glad that the winter freeze has finally gone the way of the hardon sock, glad to have a cold beer and some solid hard rock tunes coming out of my adequate car stereo. Nothing would make me happier, well, I mean, a twelve pack and a cigar wouldn’t hurt.

Or how about this, I’m at the local bar. A nice bar, they have bands sometimes on the weekends. Now, I’m there just to drink some beer, maybe have the house cheeseburger and to forget that I’ve just sweated my ass off in that humid as fuck cabinet factory all week long. This band that was tuning up begins to play. After a few songs, some head nods and “alright”‘s from some of the crowd, the band says they are Thinning the Herd. I’m enjoying this music, the beer and cheeseburger, glad to be rid of my crappy job if only for a few hours. Their music is relaxing, but not in a sleepy melancholy way, no it’s sort of dreamy hard rock with a beat and pulse.

More seventies rock, like Hawkwind, than say something from today’s drifting rock set.

I’ve have always enjoyed Thinning the Herd’s music. It’s a band that I have put on my own MP3 player to listen to at work, and a band whose career I would be happy to follow along with. This is one of those bands that I plan on featuring in my upcoming podcast episodes, bands that I really enjoyed that I found while doing this podcast the last eight years.

According to Gavin’s most recent post on the bands website, it looks like Thinning the Herd might be headed in a different music direction. I think that with the talent and music ability this band has it will be no problem for them to create some interesting rocking songs. I will await their change in taste and structure patiently.


Music review by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

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