The Sun The Moon The Stars Mind Reader Record Review

The Sun The Moon The Stars Mind Reader Record Review

Mind Reader 12 inch EP

The Sun The Moon The StarsMind Reader – 12″ LP – Black Numbers Records

Music Review by Brad Bugos- Host of SLTM (the Podcast) – brad@fatrobotradio.com

This review is in reference to the 12 inch EP Vinyl release of Mind Reader

I’ve listened to this EP over four dozen times, at least. Now, I don’t normally listen to stuff that I review that much, mostly because of time constraints. This release, besides being a joy to listen to on my own time, just needed a few more plays than normal. It’s not that I couldn’t get a handle on it, I think I have, it’s just that when I thought I had time to write this review something came up and I wanted to make sure the music was fresh in my mind when I talked about it.

It’s heavier that I thought it would be, which I attribute to the fact that some of the other stuff I have heard on Black Numbers. None of the other releases I have heard are close to metal. It’s heavy, but here is the nice twist with this band, it’s not too heavy. It’s never bogged down in it’s own sound. Some bands, whom I enjoy as well, have that point in their music where it’s time to flip that switch and drop the hammer on the listener. This band never reaches that point. It’s not that they don’t rock, oh they do, it’s just that they don’t go from Metal to sludge or screeching in their songs. Thank you, SMS, for keeping it heavy but not encasing my brain in cement.

That this band reminds me of some of my favorite bands, including Corrosion of Conformity , a touch of Black Skies and a bit of Fu Manchu, is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. But they sound a bit like, they are not copies of these wonderful bands. It’s a nice gathering point on the music map, but it’s not the final destination.

What makes this LP very enjoyable and gives to multiple listens is two things for me. Number one, the Vocals. Both heavy and screaming, at perfect points in the song; But they are never too deep in the muck or yelled, it’s a nice balance. I can understand what he is saying too, thank you for making the vocals clear, as they should be. Top notch vocals make these songs very strong, they give them some weight and feeling but never over reach their spectrum.

Second, it’s that fine guitar work. Nice clear, crisp guitar work. Now, the bass and drums have a nice feel to them too, don’t get me wrong. You couldn’t have the songs you do on this release if that part of the band was weak, it’s just they do a nice work man like job, never flashy or uninspired but very solid. It’s that fine guitar work that really lifts this band from being a nice heavy rock/metal band to a interesting and complete metal/rock band.

Now this EP is only six songs, but I think it’s the perfect number for you to be introduced to this fine band. A Six song EP on Vinyl or Digital release is the best way to introduce fans to your music. Not heavy like some of the death metal, and not glammy like some of the puss metal you will hear. This band fits nicely into that middle ridge between heavy rock and metal. It’s nice to hear a new band and really like their music, it’s times like these that I am glad I published a zine for 10 years and have podcasted for over 6 years. These gems, these bands sitting out there putting their music into the stratosphere not knowing if anyone is listening, then connecting to some interested earholes. It’s what I live for, really, I do. It makes me happy to hear bands like The Sun The Moon The Stars and to know that goods band are out there if you can find them. Well, here’s one waiting for you to open your ears and give them a chance.

If you like Metal or Hard Rock, with some fine vocals and wonderful guitar work, then check out this EP on Black Numbers. Or Head on over to their bandcamp site and give it a listen on the stream of the album. We think you’ll enjoy this band, it’s one of our favorite releases this year.

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