The Place was heeving, Absolutley Chocker!


Welcome to Season Six of SLTM (the Podcast). On this episode there is a interview clip with Bison B.C. James and Matt were kind enough to sit down with me and talk about the band, their music and future plans. Nice guys too, they gave me a beer while we chatted. Their album DARK AGES is just a really good album, one of the best from last year, I even played it on my best of show in December of 2010 (check out that show for a song from the album).

Plus there is good music a plenty on Episode 120. Don’t forget new episodes all the way until Thanksgiving break, that’s Ten Episodes of new music and me chattering away about nonsense. As my good buddy Steve Jiff always says “JUST TUNE IT IN!”

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Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast):
Family Lumber
Loney Dear
Black Cobra

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