Thanks for 25 Years Gerald Finkman, Good Luck


I’ve been asked to say a few words about our former Co-worker, and all around good guy, Gerald Finkman. I first met Gerry when I caught him stealing bites out of peoples lunches in the break room fridge. He was about to take a bite out of my Western Bacon Ranch Burger, when he saw my reflection and dropped the sandwich. We’ve been fast friends since. Hell, I never even told Mike that I caught Gerry beating off in the men’s restroom to a picture of Mike’s Wife he stolen off his desk.

So in conclusion, I would just like to say that we are going to miss you Gerry buddy. You’re stupid stories, those ugly tramps you used to bring to the Christmas party, the way you would double over and poop your pants when you had too much Gumbo. You’re a laugh riot and we are going to miss you.

Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast):
Bison B.C.
Harmonious Bec
Mala in Se
FIELD TRIPHeadgear – “Make you Happy”

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