Teen Agers I Hate it Music Review


Teen Agers
I Hate It
Anchorless Records

Crisply played Pop Punk. Easy to digest and enjoy. Really hard to not enjoy or like this cleanly played music. Easily reminds one of Blink 182, which by my calculation makes me incredibly old when I say that would be a reference point for most people and I consider that a newer Pop Punk band.

In movie references, Blink 182 would be the smart ass little brother (Chuck) from Can’t buy Me Love , while Teen Agers would would be the cool, not easily shaken ladies man little brother (Badger) from Better Off Dead. Don’t act like that doesn’t make perfect sense.

Quickly played, quick crisp songs. Nothing to hate and no time for your hatred to build. Which is very goddamn smart, I wish more movie directors would follow this trend. Get in, do your thing, and get the hell out. Any movie worth it’s salt will complete it’s mission in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Any punk album worth it’s salt will complete it’s mission in 28 minutes. These guys here in Teen Agers are smart, their last song is their longest at three minutes and thirty five seconds. That’s exactly how it should be, last song should be the longest, leave a little something in the ashtray for you mom to find when she drives the car next time.

Nice harmonies, some bands (and some bands do it well, but it’s over done a bit today) like to use that crowd chanting harmony in the background. This is the type of harmonies that work well for pop punk, nothing wrong with the former, but it’s a bit of well tread ground at this point.

There is no way your not going to like this if you like Pop Punk, like I said it never goes too long, and the songs are catchy as hell. Very well played, nice voice, good harmonies, and quick punchy beats. Nothing wrong here, and it’s over in time for you to order up a burger and have a beer before you hit the head.

This music review was written by Brad Bugos. You can reach him , if you give a shit, at brad@fatrobotradio.com Please feel free to leave some comments as well. Check out Teen Agers by clicking the link above. Find a song from this album on SLTM (the Podcast) by typing their name in the search engine. Thank you and good night.

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