Swan King- Last So Long- Music review


The Swan King
Last So Long
War Crime Records

The vocalist is a dead ringer for Snapcase’s singer. Reminds me a lot of Snapcase. Less intense, more laid back with rattling bass lines. Along with Austerity Program, Tyranny is Tyranny and Nonagon, these guys play my favorite type of hardcore, hard rock, very melodic but with a sense of urgent denial.

Sometimes in life, maybe more often than we like, change takes away those people we get so much joy from. How it happens is irrelevant, it’s the loss and void that we deem unalterable, damaging and strange. People, a place, something from your childhood or even a beloved band can change the out look or perspective you have at the time and continue to alter your feelings about yourself and your idea of who you are in this world. It’s interacting, with people and things that cause this, hopefully for the better. For me, it’s always been music.

Once bands that I love and that have influenced me and my outlook on the world , life and my place and involvement in it, cease to be then I’m left with a void and a strange sense of never being able to fill out my life with things that matter.

For example, I love Snapcase, even though I came to the party late, I considered them my band, creating sounds for me. When they ceased to exist, they were still there in my memory, but they wouldn’t be creating new ideas for me. What I have found, much like a favorite toy from childhood, is that while you can’t regain what that meant to you even if you recaptured that feeling later in life, there is nothing wrong with capturing a bit of that feeling with something new.

Which brings me to The Swan King. This is the first time I have listened to the band, and I like them. Their sound reminds me in touches of Snapcase. Are they Snapcase? No, of course not and listening to them will not bring them back or replace them, but what it does for me and hopefully for you too, is it gives me a new team to root for, a team that reminds me of the old South Side Hitmen in feel and intent, but is all new while making me feel comfortable and nostalgic at the same time.

And now that one band I really enjoyed is gone, it’s probably good to move on, and I’m glad I found The Swan King. The sound is familiar but at the same time it’s got the new punch and thrust of a band that’s ready to break a little new ground. There are no definite’s in life, some say death and taxes, but there are ways around those things. Look at Larry King. What should be in our core, a building block to creating a better person, is the willingness to accept loss, move on and enjoy something new and exciting.

For me it’s Swan King, maybe for you it’s a new candy bar. I’ll take music, and good music, over a sugary treat any day.

Hear a song from Swan King on Episode 230 of SLTM (The Podcast)

Brad Bugos wrote this review while in an addled state when he realized that Steel Pole Bathtub would never again play live or release any new material now matter how many times he dreamed they would. Music reviews don’t really mean much, anyone can do it. The intent of this review and all reviews on this site, are to peak your interest in the artist and to get you moving in the direction of their website and music. Please do so. Many Thanks, brad@fatrobotradio.com or leave comment below

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