Stornoway – You Don’t know Anything Mini Album Music Review

Stornoway – You Don’t know Anything Mini Album Music Review


You don’t know anything

The First song off this EP “When you touch down from outer space” reminds me of early Robyn Hitchcock. Nice. Love Robyn Hitchcock’s music, I found Globe of Frogs in college and never stopped loving everything else. This has a bit more of a beat to it, a bit more bouncy than I believe the above statement references. Catchy as hell, too.

Not as quirky. With some nice harmonies.

“Waiting on the Clock” – it’s about a boy and girl and love. Nothing new there, but there are the good harmonies, and some different sounds thrown in to keep it from floating away to cutes-ville. Guitar solo towards the end is a nice break up, a bit of distortion and weaving never hurt anyone. “On our shaky knees, we tried sushi” a bit of a hard rhyme, but still quirky in a evenrude sort of way.

“The Sixth Wave” has some nice horn parts in it, poppy and enjoyable like the rest.

Nice guitar walking, bit of Frampton guitar talk on “Tumbling Bay”.

Really, if you like good pop music with good harmonies, some different bits and bobs thrown in and some clever hooky songwriting then this will be your cup of tea.

This Review was written by Brad Bugos. He can be reached at brad@fatrobotradio.com . Please follow the link above and find out more about Stornoway. Then type in their name on the SLTM search box and hear a song on our show. Tanks a bunch, rabbit trap.

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