Steve Jiff’s Summer Shenanigans Episode 4



It’s Not Night, It’s Space

Mirrors For the Psychic Warfare

Topic: Breaking Music News

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know hope records
Sleepy Limbs

2 Responses to “Steve Jiff’s Summer Shenanigans Episode 4”

  1. Eric says:

    Hey Steve! Looks like the audio uploaded here doesn’t match the content in the description. Would love to hear the Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin and TWDY tracks. Also, it looks like the record label name and url has a typo, it’s Aqualamb (like the mythical sea creature) and aqualamb.org.


  2. Brad Bugos says:

    One of our interns made a mistake on the listing. We have corrected the information on Episode Four. The Band you mention will be on episode 6 of the Summer Shenanigans. Thanks for letting us know about the mistake. We look forward to your thoughts on Episode 6. Please remember that we all come from broken homes

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