My Special Gift to the Pygmalion Festival


Seth Fein once told me that Rock music was like a good sandwich, just don’t add so much mustard. I met Seth at a 16 tons show back in the day at Trito’s. He was all hair and elbow’s. Good kid, he reminded me of a young Jim Best. While our paths have crossed at least a hundred times since that show, Trailer Park was also on the bill, Seth acts like he’s never met me. I could take that as an insult, but I don’t because he’s a busy guy, working hard all year long booking bands and working on the next Pygmalion Music Festival.

Since Seth was nice enough to give me a press pass in 2011 to the Festival, I’ve tried to help spread the word (even though he needs no help from this idiot) about The Pygmalion Music Festival. This year is going to be a really good show, not only do you have the music festival, but this year there is the lit fest and the made fest.

What bands might you see this year at the Pygmalion Music Festival? How about Major Lazer, The Head and the Heart, The Breeders, Warpaint, Daughter, Dino Bravo, Grandkids and many, many more. So get your single show tickets by following the link below, and on September 26 to the 28th see some good music, enjoy Champaign/Urbana and check out Lit Fest and Made fest. It’s a good time to be alive in Central Illinois.

Also below is my little commercial I wrote for this years Pygmalion Music Festival. Please pass it around, play it on your podcast or radio show. Spread the word.

Pygmalion Music Festival 2013

Commercial written, voiced and co-produced by Brad Bugos. brad@fatrobotradio.com Co-produced by Phil Chevron philchevron@gmail.com

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