Somos- Live Interview plus Show Review


Runaway Brother
Live 6/9/2014
Firehouse Pizza and Pub
Normal, IL

There were two other bands on the bill, so I apolgize to them for not seeing them or remembering their names. I showed up after the start time and it seemed like they hadn’t started yet. So I heard the third band, and all of the Runaway Brother set and the complete Somos set. Now onto my thoughts about the show.

I have never fit in perticularly well anywhere in life, not that I feel like an outsider, I don’t really, but I would enjoy it to much if I was an outsider. No, I always feel a bit awkward and out of place, and I thought that by the time I hit a mature age, somewhere past thirty, that I would feel less like this person. Nope, I guess this never goes away.

The reason I bring this up is, I have a weird anxiety moment whenever I set up an interview with a band, be they younger bands like Somos or veterans like the Gaza Strippers. I feel anxious before the show, during the show and mostly while interviewing people. I force myself, well force might be a bit strong, I tell myself that I need to do this, that the anxiety will go away. It’s an irrational fear, and even though I have interviewed hundreds of people, it will never completely go away.

So,here I was again driving from Champaign up to a really cool bar, one that books good young bands and indie acts regularly, to see and interview a band I had never met. Nervous? Not really, it’s more of an anxious feeling, like I’m going to say something completely off the wall, panic, feel my chest constrict, my breath shorten and then I run away in terror. It never happens, but that feeling is always there.

The bands? For the most part couldn’t be cooler. Nicer, easy going people I don’t think you’ll find. They are always cool about sitting there, answering my stupid questions. Hell, the guys in Somos offered me a beer ( so did Bison when I interviewed them) and to put me on the guest list. There was only one time,and I think it was the Frames drummer, when someone couldn’t sit and answer my questions. That wasn’t because he was an asshole, he was just too cool to sit down and chat with me and the other three in the band. Didn’t matter one bit, the other guys in the band were salt of the earth, easy going guys, and we ended up with a great interview and a nice conversation.

Somos is a band you should really like. I mean that for all people. When I got their album, I knew from the first note I was going to like them. Seeing them play live just cemented those feelings. Nice and tight playing, really good vocals and some nice backing vocals. A bit heavier or harder than some bands of this classification, they don’t play noisey loud, they play sonic loud. If that makes any sense, it does to me but then I’m a weirdo. The set was rather quick, but it was punchy and fun. This is the type of band that no matter if you booked them in a garage, someone’s shed or the Peoria Civic Center, they are going to give it one hell of a go and give you a good time.

My traveling distance to see bands is growing shorter as I grow older and more weird and bitter, but I would travel again to see Somos play live. Besides the fact that they were good, it’s only five bucks to get into most of the shows at the Firehouse Pizza and Pub. Also, it should be mentioned that the bands that I have talked to all really like the Firehouse, they are bringing in good indie bands all the time, so please head up there and see a show. Parking is easy since the train station, bus drop off is down the street, we parked for free during the week after 9pm. Walked a couple of blocks and boom, there’s Firehouse Pizza and Pub and some rock music.

I did hear most of Runaway Brother’s set, which I thought was good and very harmonious. I was interviewing Somos at the time, so I didn’t catch all of it, they sounded good. These are two good rock bands that should tour together again, a good fit.

Many thanks to Beartrap PR, Will specifically, helping set this up. I am always glad after I talk to bands and artists about their music. I am always interested in hearing what they have to say about music and what their experiences have been, especially on the road. Knowing that it’s going to be and has been an enjoyable experience never seems to help the feeling of anxiety and weirdness I have, but I am always glad that I talked to these people. Especially in this case and the last two interviews I did with Broadcaster (just salt of the earth, good dudes) and Waxeater (interesting, good guys).

Check out the interview below, then go and find you some Somos and see them live. Links to Tiny Engines (they released Somos’ debut) , Somos, and Runaway Brother below as well.

Interview by Brad Bugos.This piece written by Brad Bugos on the back of a wendy’s sack, then transferred by Phil Chevron to the computer. Tune into SLTM (The Podcast) weekly for cool music and stupid chat.

Somos Bandcamp
Tiny Engines
Runaway Brother

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