SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 13


I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and he told me that there have been two embarrassing moments in his life. The first one was when he was seventeen and he was hanging himself in his closet trying to get an erection and the rope broke. His mom found him passed out naked with a rope around his neck and a tub of Butter Flavored Crisco on the night stand. The second one he told me came about last week when his boss caught him listening to SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 12. He was humiliated for listening to such trash that his boss told him to straighten up, and that by digesting such nonsense through his ears that his very soul was in danger. I asked him which one he was more embarrassed about and he said without missing a beat “Your podcast for sure”. So be forewarned. By listening to this podcast you may be causing yourself multitudes of soul erasing dangers.

In this Episode we hear music from:


Crescent Shield

The Bowmans

The Firebird Band

The Junior Varsity

Charlie Chesterman

Sons of Freedom

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