SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 272


SLTM 272– Man, I wish I can say that I was one of those dancers in the Rico Suave Video

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Enslaved– (full review) I am going to have to do a full review of this release, as it has so many interesting elements to it. I need to dig deeper into it.

Kukahi Lee– “War” has a B-52’s dancy funtime beat to it. I prefer the dance tracks, my advice for this artist would be to turn more towards his Prince side and away from the Right Said Fred and Gerardo. “hero” has a nice new romantic rockabilly flavor to it. “Edge of the World” is a nice Amy Winehouse ripoff.

Conan Neutron and The Secret Friends– (full review coming soon)- Mixing parts of the Cramps, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and the good old get down and rock of The Diamond Pirite Company (a local 80’s band that could really get it on stage). Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends is the band in my re-imagining of a back yard party I went to in high school. Of course then it was just Steve Millers Greatest Hits on Cassette and some warm Red, white and blue beer, but in my remembrance of it there’s cold Pabst (after they solved the skunky beer flavor) and Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends are really tearing it up. When the cops show up, the band in defiance, turns up the volume and keeps rocking even as the cops are pushing aside horny teens and breaking apart the keg. I like my false memory better than what really happened.

Fistula– a good friend of mine growing up, Chuck Shwickey, had a band called Ungrateful Bastard. They played a bunch at Chips Kettle while we were in high school. I saw them there five or six times before they broke up. Chuck’s dad was a raging alcoholic, and almost everyone of Chuck’s songs were about an abusive, psychotic, drunken Clown called Ultimate Fistula. While listening to this release, it brought back all those old memories. Every note, emotion and feeling that I got from Ungrateful Bastard. Life is like that isn’t it? A forgotten memory of a long ago friend who was brutally honest and emotionally fucked up. Music is a good trigger for that stuff. Even if sometimes we don’t want to remember it. I’m glad it came flooding back. “Negative” has some good bluesy guitar and the opener about weed for Satan is funny. Great bluesy guitar at the end of “Sabbath wants too” as well.

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