SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 271


SLTM 271– How would you like to get paid to work out? Not bad, Huh?
Topic– We examine the lyrics to the Warrior by Scandal featuring Patty Smythe

Also Not Appearing on the Show: Abhorrent – Intransigence- Facebook.com/abhorrentdm What if governments were communicating in secret through Death Metal? That the singer is trained in a secret language like the Navajo people. Maybe this is how the world governments do it, having death metal vocalist filter information through grunts, low growled vocals and demonic declorations. Who would know? Could one of these bands be like a new wind talker? Think about it. I did and it freaks me out.


Red Hymns– Three song EP, I like how they are releasing their music, a three song EP each quarter to make up a full album. Good thinking. Fast rock, sounds better in your head phones than it does in the car stereo. I’m not sure how people younger than I listen to music, mostly I see them on their phone with either earbuds or regular “Can” headphones, so I imagine that they don’t listen to music on the radio anymore, or if they do its through their phone. I think you’ll really miss some of the power chords in this release if you don’t get the phones around your ears and just let it soak into your auditory nerves. Its got a bit of touchtone soar to it that almost makes listening to it in the open car a wasted effort. While scanning this release for thoughts, I was originally listening to it just on my lap top, but it was lacking something. So I put on my Cans and noticed that the fullness and small thrums of the bass were missing when I just had it on the laptop speakers. I recommend listening to this on a rainy day, a bit bored, a touch hungry and wanting to drift off into another time either in your life or this worlds. Says RIYL Deftones, and I can see that, just not as heavy or grease around the oil filter dirty as that band.

Jael Bird Joseph– right off the bat I like this guys voice, it’s distinct without being over emotive. Instantly catchy and likable. “Memories of the night Song” would be a good song for an independent movie, especially a scene where the main character is driving away from something that has meant a thousand things to him/her and you can feel the regret,frustration, loneliness and anger building up as they punch it down the highway, some tears forming and falling as they drive away. A pleasing to the ear, likable release with lots of charm, something that would please everyone at your party, as long as that party is open to all with Aunts and Uncles, plus Dave from down the road who keeps dropping off bottles of his home made wine you have yet to sample and are at this moment hiding in the crawl space of your attic.

Gatecreeper– Metal. Fast. Pounding,throat shredding metal. Does have a beat to it. How much of this type of metal have I heard and not understood a word they were singing? Do most people feel that way too? Is it really all about the groove, the beat and the feel? Must be. I don’t dislike it, I just sometimes don’t get it.

Forty Feet Tall– for the longest time I thought I was going to have to mystery band this one, I could not find what band or who sent this too me. However, a wonderful guy by the name of Curtis at Maelstrom PR emailed me asking if I had checked out some of the music he sent me. Low and behold there was the loose songs I had with no author. Turns out they were from a band called Forty Feet Tall. Now because they got jumbled with some other files and I didn’t know for sure who they were, I didn’t write a mini review for this one, so what we are going to do it write a full length review. Look for it after this run of episodes posts. It will be on the site, or type in the bands name in the search to find it. Thanks to Curtis, and apologies to the band for getting the files mixed up with some other files.

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