SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 270


SLTM 270: Hello, this is some guy. And this is some other guy, and you’re listening to this podcast. (pause) this is a dumb bit.

Topic: A unheard clip from Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, The Dog Poop Story

Also Not Appearing on the Show: Ten East – SKYLINE PRESSURE- Small Stone – I’m not sure you want to start out your release with a thirteen minute plus instrumental. At least through the first three songs it is a trip down the same paved slightly, very slightly, bumpy wonk rock road. Free form jazz rock that you might anticipate seeing in some kind of Spinal Tap remake ripoff. You know what I’ve figured out what this music would work in, get this idea. I’m working on a video game about this lonely teenage kid who inherits this old rundown skate/theme park. He has to rebuild the park to its former glory all the while making deals with roaming bands of other skaters, fighting off bugs and wild animals, and figuring out who hes going to team up with a bunch of waster hesher skaters who squat at the park, concerned towns people who want to clean up the park for financial gain or cult leader (Singer Songwriter) Tim Caulfield and his followers. This would work as perfect music during the game.

Triathalon– Listening to this four song EP makes me feel sexy. I mean really sexy. I am not being facetious, sarcastic, or bombastic. The last time I felt this way was when I first heard Prince and then up to Sign O’ the Times. Sadly, and no matter how much I enjoyed the feeling, words and vibes, Prince and I were never talking the same lingo. He had so much sexuality and swagger, I have never had any of that. But with this release, I feel like the people in Triathalon get me. Sometimes I like to feel sexy, I like to look out and feel the waves coming over me. The top of that wave, pushing me ever higher even though I know that I don’t belong there. I am thankful for Prince and his music, such a glorious cache of it too, but Triathalon understand that feeling of being sexy when you just too damn afraid to be sexy with anyone else.

Carcass– I don’t think that Carcass needs my help describing and talking about their music. So let me tell you what happened to me last friday night. There was a moment at work when I was listening to this that I wanted to take my shirt off and do the old school thrash skulk and stammer around the room. I didn’t do it, but could you imagine seeing the janitor at your school with his shirt off blasting some metal, skulking around doing the wandering wave in an empty class room? It would not be pretty. So at this time I would like to apologize to the woman’s auxilary club who had rented out the room and whom I had forgotten rented out said room. My thirty seconds of mad moshing and air punching was probably very disturbing and unsettling to them, and for that I apologize. Next time I get that urge I will do it in the teachers lounge during weekend spruce up.

Courtney John – This is just a single so you are going to have to make up a little review on your own as we have a hard time judging a persons work by just one song. Go ahead, you can do it. You wrote that review for the new Spam Extra Light Cooking Oil over on the FOOD GOOD blog. You got this one, we’ll check back with you in a month and see what you have. Remember speak from the heart.

Death Angel– We as humans are ambitious creatures. We do want to succeed, wether we can admit it or not. We want people at the very least to acknowledge our struggle to achieve. So it must be hard for a band like Death Angel to continue making good music but not to achieve the level of say Slayer or Ghost B.C. (two really great bands that deserve to be successful). I’m sure every band would like to have a Pixies like resurection where they finally get their payday and props. Sadly, bands are more likely to turn out like Mudhoney, a really good hard rock band that didn’t get all that they deserved (never mind the fudge). Of course a band could take the Melvins route, and not really give two shits about making a lucrative career out of music, a band that just plays to play regardless of the financial outcome. While I’m sure Death Angel would tell you they feel the same way, I personally would like to see them, the Melvins, the Meat Puppets, etc not only get their financial rewards so that they can continue to make music but also all the accolades they should be showered with. I could really play any song from this album and it would only solidify my opinion of how good this band is. This is a very solid, likable, well played release.

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