SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 269


SLTM (the podcast) Episode 269 : Turns out Chubby Checker is a real asshole

Topic: Clip from Episode One of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, a PhD in rock and roll defense

Also Not Appearing on this show: The Night Watch – Boundaries – thenightwatch.bandcamp.com – thirty six minute track two years in the making- One song, thirty six minutes long, with viola or violin as the main instrument. Its almost like its the lead vocal. While it is technically one thirty six minute track, it’s more like several songs tied together like Prince’s Lovesext album. No, you know what this is like? Those Futurama movies. They were filmed as hour and a half, two hour movies, then cut up into episodes for Comedy Central to air. Point being, you could cut this up into several different tracks or leave it as a whole, works both ways.


Hypoluxo– I cant handle when people like me. It freaks me out and because of the low self esteem I harbour, I wonder what they are getting at. This release reminds me of the English new wave movement of the 80’s . Its as if the Psychedlic Furs had married Morrissey’s Sister. Then they played their own wedding with Nick Lowe on vocaling and Mc-ing. For reasons I am not smart enough to understand,I get a COME ON PILGRIM vibe from this release. As in “Jessie” all those failed relationships or at least that one that imploded, we wish we could have helped those people. Unfortunately it was doomed, and those people couldn’t be loved or helped.

Valborg– at least for the first few songs, this is more atmospheric, creepy and disturbing than I expected. I figured they would break into the speed metal at some point, but so far it’s slow, creepy and spooky. Its the organ and guitar that set the mood. The vocals help but here its the musical partenership that creates the boundaries of worshipful solitude. “Sulfur Vitriolic Angel” has a great chorus of the damned background going “ohhh”; good song. Like the guitar solo too. The many voices that preach to you, a varied attack of voices to pass along and imbed the message is way more effective method than having that one dude shouting his beliefs and commands straight into your ear via those speakers at the drive in. The ones you used to clip onto your car, those are used to clip onto your ears in this imaginary video. There are a smear of theatrics on this release, and I don’t mean phoniness. In this instance I mean they are acting, putting a show together to convey that message. “Haunted Womb” to me is about a cardinal in the church who is riddled with cancer knowing his time is near and that there is no good in this world.

Full Scale Riot– old school Anthrax, SOD, MOD type metal. 1987 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but its been thirty years. What if we had never advanced past that year? Not numerically speaking, but that is as far as we would advance as a civilization, as a species. Okay, so the video game Bad Street Brawler was released by Ninetendo to be used with the power glove. That’s one against 1987. Megadeth releases SO Far So Good So What. A tie there. Nirvana is founded. Lung Cancer becomes the leading cause of death. The Horror Movie “Munchies” is released. Oh this is getting worse. Joe Satriani releases SURFING WITH THE ALIEN. Not bad. RAISING ARIZONA is released. Not bad 1987. Wrestle Mania 3? Holy Shit. What am I getting at with this look back at the year 1987? Are we better off now or would it have been better, while impossible to do, to stay in 1987. I think you know the answer to this one.

Eye: Call this serendipitous or some crazy magnet but the song “Searching” has a Jimi Hendrix “Manic Depression” riff on it, and on the way to work today, 106.7 played “Manic Depression”. Coincidence I’m sure, but maybe I put too much into that riff. This has a 70’s prog rock with keyboards feel to it. Double tracked vocals. Could ELP have shifted into prog metal fairly easy if the timing had been right? I think so. The subject matter is really not that different. Vocals styles not that far apart, the beat just happens to be heavier.

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