SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 268


SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 268– A Rod is A Nod for a Broad
TOPIC: Go Fish Tournament Highlights

Also Not Appearing on The Show– Cognitive- DEFORMITY- Facebook.com/Cognitivenj or uniqueleader.com – Why do the growled voiced from the bowels of hell always get coupled with the high screamo voice? It would be interesting to hear someone sounding like Morrissey or Barry Manilow coupled with the growl. This release is three songs. The opening track has clips from an old movie and at one point I was in the can listening to the first track and it sounded like someone was outside talking. Very creepy. There is a cool vocal trick at the end of “Birthing the Deformity”.


The Right Now– I’m not sure I agree with the effects put on the vocals, they give off a vibrating wax paper vibe. The lead singer has a nice pleasing voice, no need for the tricks. “if it was you” makes me think it’s 1987 and I’ve slipped through a seam in time. Good boogie. I might say 1985 instead. Some of the songs have a nice latin dance flavor with a really good horn section. Good dance tunes. I mentioned this to the band in my interview questions, but if I was pitching a prequel movie about Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop , I would use some of the music from STARLIGHT. “Love you Better” would be a great song to play out at the ballgame between innings or during the kiss cam. I would like more horns but then I really enjoy the sounds. This isn’t my type of music, but it is rather pleasing. I understand the catchy rhym play in “Starlight” but it’s not their best song. “That’s Enough” opens up like a Sly&the Family Stone live cut. Turns into a Shirley Bassey Bond Theme , Aretha rocker and ends with the whole family chimming in and jamming. “that’s enough” and “too late” are my favorite tracks, so much funky soul. Oh and “Up all night” would be perfect over the end credits in my Beverly Hills Cop prequel. Damn I need to write that and see if Eddies son is available.

Alaric– (full review coming soon)- We have played and enjoyed Alaric in the past, use the search box on our site to find past episodes with their music. Matter of fact, I put them into my bandsintown app in case they played close. Let’s see how this album stacks up with my memory of the band. First song, good so far, more hard rock or heavy rock than thudding metal, but that’s good. I like the effects, the echo-y saturation on the vocals. I think the song “Wreckage” is about finding a sunken ship from the Civil War. Why do I feel that way? It felt like more of a report from a future human and their watery grave about the state of the world, humanity has faltered, the land has sunk and we are all doomed. “Mirrors” drops out of its tendralled groove towards the end when it hits Spinal Taps “America”. The story of a drug addict afraid to really face who he is in the Mirror, the Alaric song, not Spinal Tap. “Adore” does a thing where at the three minute and forty two second mark (of a seven minute and twenty nine second total)it hits a punky speed bump, then drums go all Jane’s Addiction. I wonder where that impulse came from? There is a thirty second fading ringing at the end of “Adore” which I find interesting, TINNNNGGGG! “Shrinking World” has an interesting theme/idea.

Wild Pink– Being unsure about how you fit into a big college in your first semester at school versus being home safe and sound are themes that are abundant in the first two songs. Maybe the songs are about Car Tires and I’m just too dense to get it. John Denver had two kids, one goes off and becomes a successful real estate agent. The other follows in his fathers footsteps and goes into music and when he’s older making music he realizes that a lot of his dad’s songs were about loneliness and death, but bringing this to the publics attention would change their perception of who he is and his light AOR image. It makes him feel even more alone and distant, and this he cannot reconcile but only feed into his music. And so people call him disturbed and pain ridden, when all the time he knows it’s who he has to be and cannot escape it. The last song “The believer” has a nice crunchy guitar in it.

Lord of War– On “Age of Heresy” I do like the guitar effects, especially those at the end. I also like what sounds like a clip from a movie in the song itself. Most bands put it before or after, here its in the song itself. There’s another cool guitar effect in “Embryo”. While this maybe your standard black death thrash metal (when measured against the black metal weights and measure guide), there are some welcome deviations in the guitar playing. An interesting diversion, not just some bullshit trinkets to distract you during your disembowling. “Behold the Harvest” has some really cool climbing guitar. When the song “Drowning” started, I thought my MP3 player had skipped to another band. Does that sometimes, but no it was still Lord of War.

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