SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 267


SLTM Episode 267: “I’ve been slain by Sir Jokes a lot”

Topic: Steve Jiff’s Historically Inaccurate Interviews: Aaron Burr


Maradeen– “Living for the weekend” is a poppy charmer in the vein of Oregon’s Parson Red Heads and should be the first choice for the first single. Yeah, “Living for the Weekend” is a strong song for the band, good country beat, wonderful sweet harmonies. I would have lead off the album with this track. You can forgive it’s vacation commercial pretend importance. “lost in a dream” is just missing something, it’s a bit pedestrian in need of a dead hitchhiker or a plum fairy flying through the scene to give it a boost. Singer sounds a bit like a tired Kevin Thista. “like a river” what the kids of the fellas in Alabama would sound like if they started their own band. Did he just say “Where did my jesus go”? In dealin with the devil? Its not the song I would have put first, but thats been mentioned above. Reminds me texturally of TPOH but only if Moe Berg didn’t have any of the teen angst.

Rhin– Rhin has got the boogie woogie. There’s a moistboyz and SPBT vibe to Rhin that I like. You can always get behind a band who moves and while most of their songs are over four minutes it never seems like your tail riding one of those people who are afriad to get behind the wheel. I was supposed to interview this band back last year or 2014, but I didn’t make it because I get deathly insecure when I am about to meet new people and I think that I’m going to ask a stupid question or they are going to hate me, even though I’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and never had a problem. “Basement” is only 3:01, it’s quick like a band playing Hopscotch with G.R. Kelly , famous tap dancer and lay person. Seven Songs, lots of punch, some fuzz, ragged vocals. Just the band you want riding in your back seat while your speeding to some unknown destination, probably a party Dustin told you about out in the stacks, hoping you make it before the gas tank runs dry. They’ll keep pushing it while you worry about what your dad will say when you call him and tell him you are stranded out at Roach Road.

Strange Relations– I wanted to call the vocals in “Ceremonies” haunting but then that would make them too gender specific and therefore might cloud your perception of the rest of this album. It’s pop music with female vocals, with lots of clang, bang and doink going on in each song so that you can dance to it. You can if you want, I would rather stand off in the corner and smoke. Would this be what Siouxie Sioux and The Banshees would sound like if they recorded today? I would rather listen to this release than most of the popular music of today. First and last song have that singular person at home recorded feeling to them. Like Sebadoh, Lawnmower, pootie, etc. Last song, she’s either about to have a flying fit or bust some shit up. I thought this band was English, but I heard them mention voting for Ron Paul. Unless that’s the english Ron Paul they are talking about.

Obliterations– “The one that got away” could be an early Motorhead song. Great riff. “We poison everything, we poison everyone, we poison everything we love” great lyrics. This is thrash/speed metal with some good vocals, screamed but not over distorted or catatonically disembowled. This band has Nashville Pussy riffs with a singer who seems to have spent his childhood in a vacuum sealed room with my Aunt Donna while she chain smoked Camels. “Shame” is a nice slow grinder,a way to break up the speed thrash. It reminds me of a later Motorhead song. I would listen to this release on my own time, put it on my mp3 and hit shuffle hoping I hear a track everyday.

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Also Not Appearing on the Show: Scour – The Grey EP- Facebook.com/scourband– Just like I knew what the band NOISE (from the last round of shows) was going to sound like before I listened to them, so too did I understand Scour. Although I will say I do like when I can understand the singer. I like brutal throat shredding vocals but I would trade them in for a coherent singer. “Crooked” has a nice swing to it, although I’m not sure it’s intentional. It’s only 1:57 and I like the dark over lord breaking into the broadcast vocal qualities at the end (I have no idea what that statement means either, but I wrote it early in the morning listening to metal). “Tactics”, an astmospheric piece as the last song, sounds like something you would hear from an 80’s sci-fi movie starring Jason Patric as the leader of a bunch of roller skating punks who mean well but always seem to fall on the wrong side of the law. “Tear Gas” has some really wonderful guitar licks.

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