SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 266


SLTM Episode 266– I think it all started when Harry Carey said “Hey look at me, I’m Glenallen Hill, I’m a big stupid baby and such”

Topic– Clips from Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry -One Hit Wonders, are they correctly pigeon holed?

Also not appearing on the show: Swamp Witch – The slithering Bog- transylvaniantapes.bandcamp.com – Here is a little quiz to help you better understand Swamp Witch and their music. Number one- Quick, If I said Swamp Witch what kind of music would you say it was? Yep, exactly right. Okay next question, What would you say if you opened your car door on a hot summer day and saw a banana peel stuck to your dash? Right. Next describe Harvey Pekars brain. Good. Next, Starsky was to Hutch as Mudcap Johnson was to……? Interesting. Soup, good enough for a meal or a horrible nickname for someone with the last name of Campbell? Really, okay, I guess we all have our different opinions. Finally, If I ate a whole ham in one sitting I would look like neighborhood fatass or Lucky Lepinsky heavyweight wrestling champion from 1939? Good. Now tally up your score, send it to the address below and wait six weeks for confirmation that everything is going to be okay.


Noise– The name struck me as either an English Punk Rock band or and English Punk Rock band. Have a bit of Irish flair to their sound. “Progress” has some touches of Elvis Costello to it. A good guitar riff intro and enough punk call to action to satisfy Lance at the Deli Counter. If only the punks of 77 had this type of full sound and production, which is what I believe the Ramones were going for when the hired Phil Spector to produce End of the Century. 12 songs might seem like a lot since most bands top out at 8 songs,but most of these songs are around 2 to 2 ½ minutes and all but one are a full frontal assualt & guitar revving punk rockers. The production is smooth, the songs are catchy, and you’ll never notice a spot on the album where you can look around and wonder why the cops stopped driving down this dirt road trying to catch the kids drinking beer.

Excel– Thrash with a sense of Humor. First song sounds exactly like early ALL. Also reminds me of early to mid 80’s thrash. Which is always a good thing, not only cause I lived through that period in music and enjoyed it, but it was also some of the first music that Tony MF and I bonded over. “my thoughts” has a early Prong riff , making me love this even more. I really miss hearing this type of thrash and rock metal. I like the cover of the Police’s “Message in a Bottle”, not enough people cover their music. This album is a winner. It helps to recall some of the joys from earlier in life, that sometimes gets buried under as you age. It only takes a small key to open that lock and for it to come flooding back. I can see myself breaking this record out when I listen to Force Fed, Six Songs with Mike Singing and my only Judge record. It evokes a time period in my life that no matter the history I would like to revisit on occasion.

Signals Midwest– “at this age” tells us that movement, especially the idea that a big city move is going to propell us forward to where we think we should be is a pipe dream. Or at the very least a delusion we tell ourselves. This band could rely on just that Jimmy Eat World guitar catch and chug and be very successful and charming, but what I like about this band and always have is that they don’t want to settle for just catchy, they would rather explore and take that weeded path to the lake. “Song for Anna” might be their finest moment as a band. It’s hard to pull off the subject about your first time lover and the inevitable loss but they do it coupled with a bit of the melody from the movie Man with Two Brains, where Dr. Haffarrrr and Ann Ahhahhamelmahay (the brain in the jar) singing the song “If you like a me”.

Serpent Crown– I like the drum roll into the guitar solo on “Conjuring of the Damned”. Hey wait, does he say “Poo Poo reborn” on “Vegence of the Witch”? I think he does. Maybe not because now I’m hearing about poop in other songs. In “Martyr” I swear I hear him saying “I’m fighting for doo doo glory”. Are all these songs about poop? Ahh, here we go, “Blood Moon” is a winner. The singer sounds like what Geddy Lee would have sounded like if he grew up listening to Iron Maiden, but could never hit those operatic high notes the way Bruce can. Six Songs. The other thing I like about them, they waste no time, no standing in the shadows waiting for a passerby so they can steal their stuff. It’s movement toward something, towards a goal. And while that goal maybe be an evil one, or just wanton carless destruction, at least they moving to get somewhere.

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