SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 265


SLTM 265: I forgot how god damn dumb birds are

Topic: Livesays (A radio Drama) Episode 4

Also Not Appearing on this episode: Water TankDestination UnknownSolar Flare Records– Start out Soundgarden with Badmotorfinger as their first album and move them away from the smoggy NW and the Black Sabbath riffs and move them to the Midwest as AC/DC and the Knack loving selofights and you got Watertank. Well played easy to enjoy rock music. Nothing wrong with it. “DCVR” could have been played on 90’s rock radio sandwiched in between Stone Temple Pilots and Silverchair. This is a band that you probably wouldnt go see headline a tour, not that there is anything wrong with them, but a band who if you saw them open up for a band you like would enjoy their music. A band that you would stick around to hear their set but once the headliner played and finished you would forget to buy their album in the lobby. Also sounds like the next evolution of The Chemical People had they stayed together and continued to make music.


AssChapel: Speed Metal. 31 Tracks. I’m not really sure what the message is, but I get the feeling that like some people who listen to rap music, the important part with some sped metal is the energy and intensity. What I would like to see as a change of pace is a sped metal or thrash band come out with sped,intensity, energy and throat shredding vocals but with songs about unicorns and kitties. I wonder if people would notice? I suppose its more about how it makes you feel than the message. This is a career spanning retrospective which are mostly the same songs over and over again. It can be a bit much when you sit down with the intention of listening to the whole thing, but smaller bites are encouraged. Kind of like eating sixteen donuts in a sitting, sure they are good, but your going to get sick and swear off donuts for six months. I do like the brutalitus and guitar fingering on “Fire and Destruction”. Good song. “Lucid Fire” has a nice quick riff. “Mutilated Black Carcass”, hey this guy says he wants to watch you die. That’s not very nice. Dig that crazy Galaga sounding guitar work on “Burn their eyes”. Wow. Cool.

Personal Space: you make think of this song as a love song, about someone who wishes that even with all the past history and pain that they could be only that one again. To me when I hear “Lad” it makes me think of all those things in youth which seem possible but as you age you realize that it was never going to happen no matter how hard you tried to make it happen. Like the time Greg,Jim, my brother and I set out to build a BMX track in the woods with jumps and hills, only to find that three weeks of work were for not when it was almost impossible to drag your bike through the cornfield and out into the woods across the street from our house. For a pop rock band, their songs are rather long, something you don’t normally see. Not a criticism, just pointing it out.

Captain Crimson: You know those music montages in Scooby Doo when the monster is chasing everyone around? “Love Street” would be perfect for the New new Adventures of Scooby Doo. “Bells from the underground” is a good song, I like when a rock band will break down the last couple of minutes, offering a different direction. This one Led Zepplins left then right. They remind me of the Sword or later Rush. “Money” has a nice bluesy guitar solo that I really enjoyed. They also throw in some harmonica into “Drifting” , a nice touch by the way and one that is sorely missed in rock music. “Remind” takes them over the country line into Stone Sour county and I’m not sure thats a place that anyone wants to visit anymore.

AM Nice: (full review) I like the song “Dust and Ash”, got some nice ringing guitar too it. Really jumped off the computer for me when I was listening to this while writing some garbage for this podcast. Yeah “Dust and Ash” just really has such a nice vibe too it, plucking away hitting those right spots in between, I like this song.

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