SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 249


Episode 249 : Short Cunt? Well, I’ve got the perfect dick for ya.

Topic: Livesays Episode 2

Music on Episode 249:

Nervecell – standard metal. And I mean that as a yard stick measurement and not to quantify the ability of this band. If I say speedy metal, fast drums, growled vocals, it’s a qualifier not a judgement. That long growl at the opening of “All eyes on them”, how the hell do people do that? To growl sing is tough enough but to hold it for any period of time seems impossible to me. I hate to use the title track from a release for the song on the show, it makes it look like I don’t care, and that I just picked the most obvious song. But the title song has got the goods and shows the band in its best light. Good guitar opening. Double switched off vocals. Speedy but not out of control. I wish the rest of the album was like it. Listen from “Psychogenocide” on, best parts of the LP. Last part of the album is the best. An instrumental. A bit more flow.

Triathalon – (Review Coming Later)

Ides of Gemini -rock/metal bedding with dreamy female vocals. By dreamy I don’t mean starry eyed left of center dew drop bullshit. Just floating, doubled. Hard to distinguish between the songs, they all sound the same. Bedrock of guitar & drums (mixed low)not intruding upon etheral female vocals. With some flourishes of harmony or doubling of vocals. That’s all there is to say, really. Not bad, but kind of repetitive. I like what they are trying for, and I appreciate that it’s not something you hear much of, but an EP of five songs would have been a good starter. Like I said, not bad or awful in any way, just a bit repetitive from song to song.

Saddest Landscape – (review coming soon)

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