SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 248


SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 248 “I don’t like the smell of my own balls”

Todays Topic: Tired of hearing the same songs from the same bands on the radio? We list a few good bands whose songs need to be refreshed.

Music From:

Ivadell– First song starts out heavy, but wait around cause that’s not what your getting. What did you order? The fish? The halibut steaks? Okay. Well this is a variation on that then. Sure it’s not the steaks , but its still good and very filling. Try the chocolate mouse, it’s to die for or something. “Unknown Divide” puts a upbeat kicky pop song around the powerful idea of seperation. Is it easier to swallow that way? I doubt it. Nice chiming guitars at the end. The divide is too far, we can never bridge this gap. In life, love, politics, whatever it is there is no hope.

Sorxe – as if, at least for the first few songs, Faith No More released KING FOR A DAY, with Jim Martin still on guitar and Mike Patton forgetting the more subtle parts of his repitoire that made Angel Dust such a classic album. I can’t really concentrate, there’s a lady from down the block who’s washing her car wearing only her night shirt. Wow is she getting soapy. You can’t clean a car that way. Wait, what was I talking about? Faith No More’s great album ANGEL DUST? No wait, Sorxe. “Make it so” This song makes me think of what would have happened if PIL had turned towards metal. Almost sounds like a different band. “Make it so” is like 3 different songs. How does that work? How do you decide to make a 9 minute song instead of three 3 minutes songs? What’s best? Don’t know.

Toadies: what we would find almost mundane, but unfairly so, in early adulthood we embrace in our twilight years. The Toadies have been around since the 90’s. They had a big hit, and while they may never reach those peaks again, who cares. Are they happy making music ? Do they enjoy what they do? That’s would should matter. They are the kind of band that while you may not buy every single album, you find comfort in knowing they are still making music. And that you can pick up and leave, then rejoin when you want. A bit selfish, sure , but isn’t that how we want life to be? The song “Send you to heaven” is about eating pussy. The retouching of “Possum Kingdom” seems like the same paint job the Eagles put on “Take it easy”. I would say points off for remaking their biggest hit, but this whole album is really just “re-imaginings” of older songs with two new songs, a blondie cover and a unreleased song. So who cares about taking points off when it was done on purpose. Its a good song, and a nice way to revisit your hit, but only two new songs? Writers block I guess.

Arcane: As if Pearl Jam’s TEN Album had been recorded through the frame work of Rush’s HEMISPHERES and not the twitchy uncomfortable mumbled silence of three to four minute rock songs, but the same concept drawn out with songs about war and desolation. There are some long songs here. A few are over 7 minutes, one is 22 minutes. Now that’s a long album. Could this be two albums together? (actually through some research I found out that it’s a 2 part conceptual album). I’ve noticed now that I do that a lot in music reviews. The “As if…” scenario. It’s lazy writing but then again I am stupid and lazy, so…. Genuinely likable operatic flavored hard rock.

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