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Music Reviews

Wulkanaz– “Ribbon of Shadow” – PARALYS- Facebook.com/wulkanaz– I would listen to this again. There is a light almost hollow touch on the production. Listening to the first track, it makes me think I should just turn off the rest of the album because it won’t be more open or pure for me hearing a band’s first track. That would be wrong though, because this speed metal with drums going fast (“No I said faster”) is played perfectly by this band. The second song locks it in, some bands would have went thrash full on heavy, with riffs so muddled it was would be like oatmeal. That this has a nice light production really helps the songs breath and feel almost juanty and fun. No need to worry though. The rest of the album is in the same vein.

At the Wayside– the Breakdown and the Fall- “How We Live” –facebook.com/atthewayside – sounds like one of those bands that would have been on the Victory Records label back in the 1990’s. If you didn’t listen to their releases they had either the hard brutal metal releases or the kind of flowing riff rock metal stuff. You could find good in both camps, but I tended to veer more to the brutal metal cause that’s my tastes. Lots of Joe Satriani like riffs. This is not something that I would listen to in my spare time. It’s a bit too poppy, polished metal for me, good harmony and backing vocals though. Has some of the break down, distorted vocal pieces with shouted chorus in the songs. Pretty standard operating procedure for this type of music. Metalcore? Possibly, if I knew exactly what that was. Lyrically I’m nowhere near this kind of mental torment. At my age it’s not “thinking about that night” anymore, it’s “I wonder what the hell is still wrong with me”. I can afford no luxury towards anyone not feeling something towards me. This is very well played, but it’s clean like a freshly minted gomer pyle commerative plate that has never seen a scrap of food. There are no rough edges. They remind me of Jimmy Eat World, but it’s just to damn pretty for me to care about. Heavy riffs with clean cut very same sounding bubblegum nonsense. Makes me wish I was younger and didn’t hate myself so much. No it doesn’t.

Walk the PlankCemetery Vacation– “Dying on the Vine”- that song has a good riff. Like the break down in the middle of “Emptying my head”. I swear I hear a very subtle “whoosh” in the background. Or maybe that’s my head overheating from thinking about dumb shit all the time. That their songs melt and flow into one another should not give listeners any conern, I get the feeling this is the way the band plays live. Light on the banter, straight ahead with the rock. Quick songs running together with a nice tight 35 minute set. Fine by me. I like the riff and energy on “Dead Broke”. I like the dripping water at the end of “Spring 2010”, although I have no idea what the significance of that sound is to the band. I would like to see this band live, they have a nice angry vibe without being nihilistic about. They are pissed but not ready to give up yet.

Everyman– May your Ashes have stories to tell- say-10.com/store/everymenashes – “Annihilation” – the band that will greet you in hell is not some brutal black metal band, no it’s gonna be a goodtime clezmar clanking, up beat, beer soaked give you a clapping good time sing along before your doomed band. When the band sings about “Annihilation” they are not trying to bum you ouw with a bleak world view, no they are just your pals saying “Hey, were are all fucked here, drink up and at least try to enjoy the end of everything that matters. The band plays like some sort of Chuck E Cheese mechanical band (at least for the first six songs) with the same intensity and riff package, it makes you wonder if these people are robots or real. I wouldn’t hold that against them. The clip we are playing of the band sums up their Shakeys Pizza Hill Folk of the damned sound.

Party Battleship– CAKE & FLAMES- “Raymond James Dio” – so far at the beginning they remind me of those wonderful 90’s rock bands I like so much ie. The Slugs, 13 Engines, TPOH, etc. I like the switching of lead vocals, a couple songs by a male singer then one by female, both with pleasing easy to like voices. The female/male harmonizing remind me a bit of TPOH. “raymond james dio” is a wonderfully catchy song. This release went by so smoothly and enjoyable that I forgot I was reviewing it, at the end I thought to myself “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be writing down my thoughts about this and not letting it joyessly float by”.

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