SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 1


It’s a new podcast, well not that new. We still play a little music, do comedy and report music news, so basically it’s the same show but compacted. We hope you like it, if not who cares? I mean really, who the fuck are we trying to impress this late in the game?

This Will Destroy you– “Quiet” -Young Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition) –This Will Destroy You Tumblr – Hate to use the first track on an album, but its a really good one. Instrumental. Interesting, lonely, desperate on a cold night. The car has stopped, won’t turn over , man gets out of car starts walking looking for help. The car grows colder, inside is his lover dead, cold, alone and frozen. Man dies lost in the woods, he is never found. First two songs are good, kind of forelorn, so far this is a pretty good instrumental album, best one I’ve heard in a while. Maybe I like this better because it seems to have a through line. Whereas other instrumental albums tend to be wandering messy projects. Most instrumental albums I get bored with after a few tracks. Not this, and oh, it is hard to sustain Melancholy

Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin– Trespasses- Full Length Debut- Aqualamb– “lost hills” – starts off like a lost track from a forgotten Morphine album. What’s with the wiper blade scratching at the end of song #1? 15 songs might be pushing it for this release. Sounds like Tom Waits on a batch of acid. It could have been more distorted with a Seven or Resident Evil vibe. “Debutantes”, why are people perceptions of serial killers minds always a cacaphonious dark nightmare when some serial killers clearly prefer the singularity of the singer songwriter path? It all seems a little trite to me. The subject of this is gonna try to be god, but guess what? He’s killing again. Nice dance beat to “Objection Projection”. Five songs in and I feel like I’ve heard this prepacked idea of the lonely, tormented distorted loner.

Ruin – Song #1 “Baby Doll” , Song #2 “you” – (1984’s HE HO and 1986’s FIAT LUX) reissues on SoutherLord Records – I wanted to play “Baby Doll” not only cause I like it but because the faux cry/screams made me laugh out loud. First song, first impression Fear meets SPBT. This has to be a reissue (it is), sounds like early 80’s So Cal hardcore punk. Not just the style but the way it was recorded. Bands back then didn’t sustain songs like this band does, most songs were a minute, minute and a half. They sustain it, doesn’t feel like dragging it out either. The song “Freedom has no Bounds” says “always seek out others, because you’re not meant to be alone”. While they seem to be talking about building a stronger community, its a true statement for all humans. Interaction with others keeps us grounded and real. (READ BEFORE SECOND SONG)- if you have a chance check out the song “Mouse”, a weird departure from the speed punk, but very interesting. Almost like a demented saturday morning cartoon. Its hard to say if this is some sort of demented Tiny Tim put on or a piece of self the band was trying to discourse through musical therapy. Listening to “You” and “Make Believe” you can hear the transition from speed punk to Del Fuegos/Later TSOL styled rock. It’s an interesting transformation and probably necessary for this kind of band starting out, that it comes just two years later in their recording career shows how deep the band was to begin with. “By the By” tries to meld the two styles. Nice “White Rabbit” cover.

Superjoint – “Ruin You” – CAUGHT UP IN THE GEARS OF APPLICATION- Housecore Records– I chose this song for the Jiffster because its got a great beat, moves and has a little swinging swagger to it. Also Phil says “Shit the Bed” like three times in the middle of the song. It makes me laugh. Heavy without being loaded down by the heavy conceptions of brutal, throat punching metal. This band has been around for a long time. (They haven’t released a new album since 2004). I know speed metal, brutal metal usually flies by, but this was whizzing by like flipping through the pages of your favorite nudie mag.

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