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Mos Generator – ABYSSINIA- Listenable Records– facebook.com/mosgenerator – shop-listenable.net- “Catspaw” – coming on like a bluesy Monster Magnet but with Ozzy singing without the years of drug abuse and wear. Good solid rock. You know it’s not easy being the middle brother. You’re not the first kid out of the shoot, the one everyone looks at to carry on the family name and pride. Sure you both look alike and have some of the same mannerisms, but no matter how you act or try to distance yourself from that person there will always be echos of them resonating off of you. “red canyons” sounds like the theme song to one of those live action saturday morning shows in the 1970’s like Shazam or Land of the Lost. “There is no return from nowhere” sounds a little like “America” from Spinal Tap. As a matter of opinion bordering on fact the band gets more harmonized on the last couple of songs.

The Third Eye Rapists– HETS MOT ALLT- “Estatic Molestation”- thethirdeyerapists.bandcamp.com- released april 6 2014- two new songs that came out in May 2017 – 2nd song in and I like this kind of production. It sounds faint almost back room false painted ceiling muffled fist punching kind of sound. You can hear it, but its not so crystal clear that you can feel. It’s more painful cause you imagine it. Demons driving to the grave yard to dig up bodies. Not for the parts but in hopes that they’ll be buried with something good to wager in the poker game with Satan later that night. My good friend Richard “Heart Punch” Bonchetti once told me “Hell isn’t a bad place to be, as long as you know how to gamble”. That’s the video I see in y minds eye for “Estatic Molestation”. Demons driving a ripped up herse 100 mph to the graveyard to get chit to gamble with Satan. Not for their release from the hellish existence they live, but because its a night out with friends and satan knows how to throw a party. The last song sounds like a fuzzy drunken hate message left with your answering service. You are convinced it was sent to the wrong number but you recently fucked something up and this call just might be for you after all.

The Obsessed – SACRED- “its only money” – theobsessed.bandcamp.com – just re-released their 1990 self titled debut with unreleased bonus tracks- relapse.com – facebook.com/theobsessedofficial – so far, three songs in, and it’s more 70’s rock than 80’s metal. This has enough faux machismo to make early Cult era Ian Astbury blush. Who calls a woman “mamma” these days? Listening to “Its only money” ,our clip for this band, the band thinks they are Foghat. This song showcases where the band was at in 1978 , how come the clock never moved forward? Lots of dumb 70’s rock cliches too. By the way, I have no problem with that stuff, having grown up on it and still have a fondness for it. “Stranger Things” is nothing more than warm pudding. “razor wire” answers the question “what if Frampton had written more songs about his dick and the trouble it causes”. These guys should pass themselves off as a lost band from the 1970’s or even a Death type of tribute band, one where their kids go out and play their music & music they created today that sounds like it. They could create a fictional biography, discography and look. Then make up a story about where they’ve been all these years. 14 songs is about 5 too many unless you are going to use the lost band angle and some of these songs were holdovers from a lost album. What in the world is going on with “On So long”? Did it just jump into another band? These guys are doing it on purpose. “Cross Roader” would make Deep Purple proud, also they seem to have stolen lyrics from the Bullet Boys catalog, the small section marked “songs not about sex”.

The Ominous Circle – Apalling Ascension- 20 buck spin- facebook.com/theominouscircle20buckspin.com – “The Grey Outcast” – opening salvo is a four minute plus speech from the demonic underground. Problem is I can’t make out a word he is saying. “The grey outcast” has a neat guitar lick/effect in it. Sort of like a plinking arcade game sound. This release and band is exactly what it is, death metal with low growled vocals, drums a hundred miles an hour. However it is a touch different in that it does have its moments where its allowed to breath. To ferment if you will. I’m sure there are other bands out there playing black metal. I think I’ve seen a few in the variety section of my local newspaper. So why should you check out this band? I guess because this one seems a bit different to me as they aren’t in a hell fire rush to get you to the end. Sure theres some speed being passed back and forth from the front seat to the back but there’s also the attitude of “Hey, we’ll get there no matter what, why finish this journey so quick?” I still can’t make out what the driver is talking about, its a bit mumbled and he talks in a very low register. However I follow along happy to be out of the house even though I’m unclear where the hell we are going. Excited to be in a car with people who don’t drive like hopped up lunatics and who are more concerned with the journey than the destination.

Unearthly Trance- Stalking the Ghost- “The Great Cauldron” – relapse.comfacebook.com/UnearthlyTrance– “Listen to the voice of fire” from LION STRENGTH. Oh, I’m listening. Nice guitar solo at the end. Reminds me a bit of or at least in the same neighborhood as the Rabbits. A wonderful Oregon fuzz doom metal band. “Invisible Butchery” should have been “Butcher” instead and told the harrowing story of my Uncle Phil who “Butchers” the bathroom at every one of my familes gatherings. Sorry about that. Okay, when bands fall into that slow, mezmerick, plodding, repetitive note salt bath with low growled demon vox I tend to drift off, I dreamed I was telling a funny story to someone. I’m never really sure what I am supposed to get out of this type of thing, but thankfully it only happened once on this album. “The Great Cauldron” showcases a lot of the things I like about this band. Do I hear farfissa there? I also do enjoy the different vocal styles. They seem to move around to fit into the characters voice. Now the last song starts off like they are a totally different band. Something I always find interesting. You can sound like yourself for a full record, but whynot throw in some chop suey or hell aint a bad place to be? Who says “this” is what your are? I’m going to be thrown off and neither will todays listeners if you shift direction and story tone on the final song of your album. I get bored a bit when I hear 9 songs all the same. There are a few bands that can pull that off, and even fewer metal bands that can do it.

Darko- Bonsai Mammoth- “Hiraeth” – Bird attack records- darkoband.co.ukbirdattackrecords.com– This is what all the songs sound like ( this refers to the clip we are playing). Do your fingers bleed when you play your guitar this fast? Very clean. This production is so clean you could lay a hooker on the top sheet, do your business (half and half here) and then put the blankets back on the bed and never have to pay the extra ten bucks for clean sheets. Its really the same tempo throughout sped up pop metal. Its well played, the guitar playing is expertly imagined, but since when does proficiency the hall mark of good music? Guitar hero? All the songs have the same fast pummeling drums, clean not perfect guitar with yelled vocals. I would love to examine their lyrics and see what all the yelling is about but I couldn’t find any in the press kit I got or online. While this may not be my personal cup of coffee, it is well played and cleanly delivered to your table. Its just that its sound work as a by product of finding the same cause as everyone else.

Voodoo Circles
Barren Womb
Mutant League Records

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