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Dying Whale- LAST MOMENTS OF MISERY- dying-whale.bandcamp.com/releases – pay what you want digital download- “One final first kiss” – Ken Smith once told me that the easiest way to get into a girls pants was to play Barry Manilow at 78 rpm while making out. I’ve since realized that Ken was just fucking with me. It only took me 20 years to figure that out. What does this have to do with the music of Dying Whale? At first listen this album brought me back to those care free days of my teenage love life. How incredibly stupid and awkward I felt around women. Since I didn’t know any better I took the advice of an older friend (well, he was older by six months), because I argued he must know what he’s doing. I had not thought of those painful days in a long time and for some reason this music brought them all to the surface. Weird isnt it?the song “The Tear between life and love” had me nodding my head for a bit.

Deathwish – UNLEASH HELL – Beer City Skateboards and Records – beercity.com- “Rock N Roll is a Hell of a drug” – first song out of the gate is great, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers with some Nugent mixed by a scuzzy hand to perfection. I hope the rest of the album is this good. Second track, yep still kickin it. Keep it going, keep it going. While its a personal preference, I would rather have my metal/hard rock driving than the morose, plodding type. I do like some of the later, but to catch my attention the driving stuff always worked better. “Rock and Roll is a hell of a drug” answers the question why would a band continually tour and be out on the road when there is little to no financial gain. Because Rock and Roll is an addiction. On “God has no mercy” they take the allmighty to task and even question such a diety’s existence. Asking it how such a thing could exist and let all the shitty things in life continue to happen. The presence of Satan/Evil or not, where is your mercy? Or maybe its about those that scream and rant about gods great mercy but who really don’t give a shit about others. False prophet deal. I’m not sure but its how I heard it.

Endorphins Lost– CHOOSE YOUR WAY – six weeks records – debut LP- sixweeksrecords.com – “warm body targets” – starts off with a cut from a George Carlin bit about suicide, nice to see the younger folks listening to Carlin. This is speed/hardcore thrash metal. I think the song “Shut in” is about a person who has been so isolated from society and human contact that they have started an imaginary fight with Captain Crunch. I swear I heard his name a couple of times. Not joking. I do like when they slowed down on “warm body targets” , it shows they have some range. “Facing the knife” starts off like a totally different band before falling down into the same ditch they’ve been been traveling the whole time. I kind of wish they had stayed on that road and saw where it was going to take them. Instead its more ditch driving at 70 mph.

Cynabare Urne– FIRE THE TORCHES- “Triangle of Essence” – Regain Records- Finnish Death Metal Band- facebook.com/CynabareUrne – 2 songs- released digitally in 2016 and on cassette in Sweden- Just as boring as I thought it would be. Demonic growl low vox over slow metal then into fast pounding drone nonsense. Second song is the better of the two, at least it has some swing to it. I swear at one point in the second song that he says “As Jim Osterburg rises”. Weird cause I know Jim and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be written about in a death metal song. The two songs are quick, like three and a half minutes each. So it’s realitively painless if you don’t like it.

FEN- WINTER- “II (Penance)” – Fifth Full Length- Aural Music / Code 666- facebook.com/fenofficial or fenuk.bandcamp.com – there is a really good guitar intro in the seventeen minute plus first song, which seems a bit much as the first song out of the gate. These are albums, and we don’t judge a release on any one song, much less the first song. So far (2 songs in) I don’t find the songs boring or overlong. The first song could have been broken up into three songs really, but I’m not sure that would have helped the flow of the album. I would like to ask FEN and any band that writes songs over ten minutes why? Does it heighten the impact when it flows on like that? Good songs to just zone out to and drift away and relax. I drifted out during the third song, all that sped up drumming really made me zone out, but here’s the good thing about the long songs, they can pull you back in at points, which this one did. I thought it was a different song, it could have been but it just had switched off the drum maching pounding and went into a slower gear. Sometimes they sound like a dreamy Shoe Gazer band, like at the end of the song “V (Death)”. It’s weird to me how they can do that but I guess you’re not always influenced by just your favorite band or most digestable things, other things do seep in there.

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