SLTM 2.0 Episode 6 – We are back on Track


but not really.

Music Reviews

Vastum– Carnal Law- “Re-member”- (remastered by 20 Buck Spin of 2011 release)- 20buckspin.com – I know I’ve posed this question before, but is it hurting my listening experience when I am only able to understand one word in eight? On the clip we are going to play you can understand the vocals better. There are two distinct styles on this song and it really helps. Plus I like the swing and sway of the beat. Love the drum roll on “Devoid”. Again there is great vocal interplay between the two demons, which makes it more enjoyable for me. What does make this a bit above your average death metal release is the interplay of vocals, relative clarity of singing and the rhythm sections ability to swing it now and then.

Bill & Phil -Song of Darkness- “Catastrophic” – the song “Corpus Crispy” is fucking hilarious, but not really. Frank Zappa without the sense of the weird and humor. On the song “Catastrophic” they try to out LULU Lou Reed & Metallica. I think that these guys think they are Zappa, kind of like when Billy Bragg and Wilco took Woody Guthries lyrics and wrote music to them. Maybe the Zappa trust did it with these guys and ask them to finish some of Franks songs so they could have some new material for the Hologram to sing. Yeah this veers from attempts at LULU and Zappa-esque tries at weird pop.

Black Anvil – AS WAS – “Ultra” – relapse records– by the time I get to hell I would imagine that the staff will be pretty complacent. Not bored with the surroundings but with the process of orientation. “welcome to hell, where all your worst nightmares have come true. Now please bow down to our lord and master …..Satan, uhhh”. I can just hear some disaffected bored youth guide giving me the tour. Maybe because they have seen it and heard it all it’s become a bland process for them. They like the form but hate the process. Oh hell is still a significant obstruction, its just that talking about it all this time has soured their ability to enjoy, feel and process it. Jeremy Piven once told me that the best mayonnaise is not at the bottom of the jar but what is stuck to the lid. I don’t know what that means but I always liked that little guy. This release might strike some as moody, and atmospheric and spacious to others and maybe yet a confirmation to the loneliness, empty and despair that some of us feel. I’ve changed my mind on what song to play a clip from this album. The last song “Ultra” has this climbing intro that I really like, it’s my favorite song on the disk.

Cold Fell– IRWELL- “The Whip (armed to the teeth)” – Argento Records- this is a quote from NOISEY “think plague miasma rather than gossamer Cascadiana” – coldfell.bandcamp.com – argentorecords.com – Look, I could tell you about this release by saying that it’s pretty standard speedy demonic black metal with a few flourishes and kicks, I could but I would rather tell you all about my new fishing boat. I bought it off my good friend Jerry Kookamooch (not his real last name) for a song. Hey, how about that? Song. Ding. Huh. Anyway its got a live well, trolling motor and it will be perfect for the small lakes in my area. I didn’t do a lot of fishing this year and this boat will help me get out there more next year. I enjoy the peace of the water. Even if I don’t catch anything. The boat is only five years old, he told me his wife made him get rid of it, but he didn’t use it that much anyway. Now a few notes about this album. The end of “Dream of Seppuku” is good, wish the whole thing was like it. There is a desperation, a giving up and failure to that last song that I like. I do enjoy the nonsense of the titles, absurdity in music should always be a “high priority”

Black Army Jacket – 222 & Closed Casket- “Dripping” and “Cup of many lands” – remastered digital reissues- magic bullet records– without looking at the credits I’m going to say that these are two reissues, cause no one really plays this type of speed metal anymore. Take “Distance” for instance, it’s only forty three seconds and the next one is fifty seven seconds. I once bought a CD by the Sore Throats who boasted something like one hundred ten songs in thirty minutes. It also was this kind of speed metal, fuck it mess that these two songs call to mind. The thing about having songs under a minute is that you make the songs that are over 2 minutes seem like epics. “empire of tears” is over six minutes, filtered through death metal. This band is all over the place, which is good, I find that more interesting than just a straight shot. On the song “Cup of many lands” I like the Andrew Weiss like fuzz bass. Wish they had used it more than one song. “untitled” has a little more of that fuzz bass in it, I like these two songs the best so far on this disc. Wish they had gone in that direction for the whole thing. Like when bands used to use movie, TV and news clips in their songs. I miss that.

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