SLTM 2.0 Episode 5


“I guess this is still a thing?” – review from Torque Blade Specialist Magazine

Okkultokrati – RASPBERRY DAWN- “Future War” – The static noise at about 1:40 scared me. Ok, so they tend to repeat a phrase over and over under a scuzz guitar but its never annoying to me. Like the Crampian style horror frights of “Hard to Please” . I like when a band will take a basic rock and roll feeling and skew it, flavor it and distorted to their will. Always interesting. I would love to see them open up for Rabbits (rabbitusmaximus.com) , I think that would be a great match for a good show. “Suspension” is a strange druggy trip with your “Cool” uncle to Yosemity where you drop acid, almost drown in a creek bed while your Aunt takes off her clothes and wanders around talking about God’s Eye. So that might be a different track, but it’s there or maybe all the inference and chemicals at work were warping my brain.

Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality – “Extinction of Worthless Humanity” – facebook.com/officialvomitremnants– uniqueleader.com- I like the vocal style in this song as well as the drum fills towards the end of the song. Not something you normally hear. I like the fact that this isn’t your straight ahead pummeling speed metal. There are unusual or unlikely elements throughout. I also enjoy the vocal interplay between the two vocalists. They compliment each other perfectly. Interesting when the cartoon oompah band comes in at the end of “Inflicted Artificial” while eight songs at about four and a half minutes each might be pushing it, it might seem the same because of the intensity if they went with my recommended six songs.

Varaha – 3 Song EP – varaha.bandcamp.com –“Ghost” – there are three songs on this EP. One is an instrumental wedged in between songs. Atmospherically crossing Coldplay with death metal, neat trick. Building a house in post modern times can be tricky. There are all kinds of building codes , structure settlements , blue print certifications, it’s endless. Oh, it can be done but it is a lot of work. In the end you usually end up with something you like but will always feel that the effort was a lot more then the final outcome.

Uniform Choice– SCREAMING FOR CHANGE – Reissue on Southern Lord Records- southernlord.com -(1980’s Hardcore release, originally released in 1986)- “Screaming for Change” – I’m glad there are those that have the energy to fight for change because I don’t. Well maybe back in the 1980’s when this came out I did but not now, no way. For me the best song on the album is “In Time” because it has a killer guitar intro then switches over to a hardcore track that nearly bursts a vein before the song ends. Lots of energy , intensity, ethical code and the desire to make a change. This was good to hear back in the old days and very relevant now, kudos to Southern Lord for re-issusing it. I really miss and appreciate this kind of intense energy, I no long have it but I do miss it. I would like to analyze the lyrics to the song Uniform Choice. They strike me.

Beheaded- Beast incarnate – “The Black Death”- facebook.com/BeheadedMT – speedy speed metal, faster than a punch to the face during a thanksgiving meal at my house in the 70’s. Three songs in and I have yet to hear anything that would differentiate this from the thousands of other speed metal bands. It’s good, but a bit ordinary at this point, but let’s keep listening cause three songs are not enough of a sample. How cool would the opening to the song “The Black Death” with it’s creaking ship out at sea be as the opening credit song for Assasins Creed Black Flag? I would like to see that. Speeding rolling guitar, pretty same same throughout. I do however like the guitar solos around the 3 minute mark on “Punishment of the Grave”.

OZ Video for “Bone Crusher”
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