SLTM 2.0 Episode 22 – Claude Felder and His amazing puppets


Typhoid Rosie– THIS IS NOW- (live stream review) – Typhoidrosie.com – catchy pop music, with good female lead vocals. Blondie adjacent. Some sing a long choruses. Question, why does “Belong to Somebody” fade out like that? Its almost like someone during the mix leaned on the fader, it stuck so they went with it. Weird. Is “Broken Man” about an absent father? Someone leaving you to fend for yourself? Or am I just projecting? “Pieces” should be the single from this album. Good guitar hook. There’s longing, someones adrift with a bit a melancholy sadness in the vocals. Maybe I’m way off base for calling this comparison up, but the singer reminds me of Penelope Houston of the Avengers. Of course, Typhoid Rosie is way more poppy and slick than the Avengers but I feel a connection between the two. Maybe its because I’m a bit simple. And a bit dull. My wife says so all the time. Very catchy and easy to hear. Will go along with my collection of Claude Felder puppets.

Afterbirth– THE TIME TRAVELERS DILEMMA – “Needles and Drills” – uniqueleader.com – facebook.com/afterbirthNYDeathMetal – its best not to judge a book by it’s cover. But then again how do we tell the dumb guy? We’ve all done it before, and we will probably do again in the future. Even the best of us do it. It’s a hard program to exit out of. That said, I knew exactly what Afterbirth was by judging its cover. Sometimes it works. However, unlike some croaky black metal bands, they do deliver the odd drum fill, guitar skronk or tripped over tampini to elicit a quirky nod of my head. “Multiverse Dementia”, I do like the croaking frog echo track vocals. Sounds almost drippy. Cool effect. “Timeless Formless” starts off with a guitar riff stolen from an emo band. I thought at first that my MP3 player fucked up again. Sometimes it will drop other bands into a song or jump to the next band I’m reviewing. Nope it’s still afterbirth. Also in the song there is some dude trapped in a well and I say trapped because I don’t think he fell in. He’s mad because he was put there, screaming up at those who imprisoned him there. “I may not be able to get out of here, but your day of reckoning is coming”. “Transcendental Object at the end of History” has a nice Zappa opening.

Atriarch– DEAD AS TRUTH- “Repent” – Formed in 2009 in Portland, OR- This is their fourth album- Facebook.com/AtriarchOfficial- relapse.com – Someone once asked me if I could, would I lock Glen Danzig in a basement, forcing him to lift weights and croon lounge versions of Misfit songs. I thought about this philisophical conundrum for many months. And I think I finally have an answer. Yes, yes I would.

Five Horse Johnson– JAKE LEG BOOGIE- “Cryin Shame” – Small Stone- fivehorsejohnson.com- smallstone.com– “Crying Shame” is a mid tempo blues rocker dealing with cheating. Hey, Springfield Missouri got a shout out in “Magic Man”. Its also another bluesy, uptempo rocker, something you could hear every day if you were so inclined. While I’m sure I am no where close ,but to me “Jake Leg Boogie” is about walking around with half a hard on all the time. At least thats what we used to call the old “Jake Leg”. Fellas in the band, I’m gonna need some more grit from you. These are a little too clean for me. Where’s the whiskey fueled danger? The cocamame haze of regret? (I’m not sure cocamame is the right word there but then I can’t read my goddamn writing sometimes and thats what the word looks like to me). Here’s this nugget from “Hard Times” – “you don’t know what it’s like where I’ve been, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone”. Horrible. He never tells me what he overcame, or where he’s been. So why should I care? “Hard times for better days” , you gotta go through it to get to it. Horseshit! I would rather hear the story of where he’s been than this finger waging “You don’t know” masochist bullshit. “Smoke signal” is a pretty standard harmonica driven rocker. Its the best you’re gonna get from this release. I’m thinking that this band might be a bunch of young guys who grew up on the old school crusty blues rock of ZZ TOP. They actually said in one song “How can something so wrong, feel so right?” Oh Vey, these guys are young, I bet. Vague notions of wrong doing like they know these tales will be told on the radio. Look I don’t need everything painfully spelled out for me , but when you speak with well worn bullshit generalizations then you’ve lost me.

Bard Spec– HYDROGEN- “fire tongue” – bardspec.com- released by Norse Music – (from their bio on their website) “Bard Spec is the Ambient project/band from Enslaved composer/guitarist Ivar Bjornson. Bard Spec combines stirring, hullicinatory synth sounds with mercurial guitar effects and hypnotic rhythms that naviagte illusory landscapes” – okay. I remember when I was little sometimes my brother and I would spend a day or two at my grand parents house at the other end of town. They had this hill we would ride our bikes down. Back in the woods, just off the road was an old shack. It was dilapidated, falling apart, and almost melting into the ground. I never saw anyone outside the house. I told my grandma that this old house was spooky and that someone needed to tear it down since no one lived there. She looked me over and said “Oh no they can’t tear it down, you see old Bill Malloy still lives in that house.” I was shocked and surprised. I asked all kinds of questions about the house and Bill Malloy. She patiently answered them all. I asked stuff like, how did he come to live there by himself, did he ever go outside, how did he eat? Turns out his wife had passed, he lived on social security and a niece from a few towns over checked on him once a month. Rumor has it that his shack had tunnels underneath it for the underground railroad and that his family helped slaves escape farther north. For me, when listening to this album by Bard Spec, that shack comes flowing back into my mind. Every moldy board, and dying tree some how fits back into place like snapping lego pieces of a place I had long forgotten, and grandparents that I loved deeply and would never forget. Its interesting how music, sometimes from different corners of the atmosphere placed before you can stir up certain things in your mind.

Weaponizer – LAWLESS AGE – 20 buck spin– this from the PR sheet “for fans of early Slayer, Escape from New York and The Road Warrior” (yep I’ll take some of that)- weaponizer.bandcamp.com – 20buckspin.com – pretty catchy for thrashy speed metal. The riff on the guitar solo for “Lawless Age” spins and spins until it gets out into orbit and then just disappears. On “Ganggrene” you get the obligatory “Buhh Wahh” from the lead singer. Its almost become the Wilhelm Scream of thrash metal. They ask “why doesn’t anyone sing about World War 2” with a Crampian surf beat. The songs went by smooth but way to fast for me. Actually this is more hardcore punk than speed metal. Just a through line, not a judgement or label. Where they lose me a bit is when it turns to cacophony thrash metal. Its an aural massacre of atonement that’s hard to take for any length of time. Thankfully on “Rattenkreig” they return to that thrasy punk goodness. I like how “Gangrene” makes me think of a demented out of control blazing train bearing down on me and my motorcycle. Will I get to the crossing before the train does? Why don’t I just go around the tracks and avoid the train altogether? What would be the fun in that?

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