SLTM 2.0 Episode 21 – Danny Bridgewater leaves the scene


Necrot – BLOOD OFFERING- “Beneath” – tankcrimes.com – First listen/First Thoughts: not distracting like some black metal can be. Most bands or a few more than some, try to bludgeon you to death with drums going a thousand beats per or with low growled vocals. I like what Necrot is dishing out. Clean vocals, swaggering beat with all the heaviness you would want. “Layers of Darkness” has a nice loose blusey boogie to it. I think in “Rather Be Dead” he does say “Prostitute suffer your crime”, is this said from a point of revenge? Or maybe it’s of Murderous Self Righteousness? We also get the obligatory “Buhh Uhh” from the vocalist. It must be one of those things that signifies that your in a black metal or metal band. Kind of like that “Boowhoopp” sound my friends and I would make when we were out in the woods making our bmx trail. When this band gets a chuggin’ heat going like on “Beneath” I’m enjoying it but they tend to use that down fret riff too much.

ALL OUT WAR– DYING GODS- “Servants to the Obsolete” – facebook.com/alloutwarunofficial- (released in 2015, they have since released GIVE US EXTINCTION in 2017) – There is a certain , not sure stigma is right, but lets use it, a stigma attributed to knowing a band and liking their music. We’ve reviewed and talked about All Out War here before. We enjoy their music. So fairly or not their current release will be judged against that. It’s not as unfair as hating or being luke warm on a band, but it does narrow your views a bit. Nobody, except maybe Hawk Harrelson, wants to be a homer. On “Nothing Left to Bleed” he says “you’re heroes have left you down”, which has an interesting juxtaposition of using the idea of Left instead of let. It changes it to instead of waiting for a hero, you should never believe in them in the first place. They will just leave you down, so that they can forever be worshipped. “Choking on Indifference” has a really good guitar solo, a cool drum break down and good lyrics. “Arise” steals a riff from “Let there be Rock” and that’s cool as shit with me, cause it’s a great riff. “You date raped Mother Nature” from “God is Dead” , wow. The song also has another really damn fine guitar solo.

New Tongues– DARK LIGHT- “Beautification Project” – newtongues.bandcamp.com- from columbia missouri- released June 2017- I know where Glen Danzig’s been hiding. That has nothing to do with this band or this release, I just wanted people to know that I bumped into him recently. I would like to see this band start its own ministry. A mixture of music, message and preaching. And look, it doesn’t have to be about god or religion. Just a touch of spirituality, cause I feel that the mood permeates with it. So, like I mentioned earlier, I bumped into Glen Danzig. Funny thing was he didn’t even realize people were looking for him. Weird how you can be that famous, and not know that when you are out of the limelight for months, even years on end, that people will miss you or at least wonder if you are dead. Back to the album again, I like the beat on the last song “Salt the Fields”, its never over bearing or annoying. Keeps a nice beat, but it sits cleanly in the background.

VOID OF SLEEP– NEW WORLD ORDER- “New World Order” – facebook.com/voidofsleep- auralwebstore.com/shop– “Hidden Revelations” has a nice FNM vibe that goes away to quickly. Getting a QOTSA vibe on “New World Order”, caught a bit of an accent too when he said “Order”, wonder where this band is from? Just read the press page, Italy is where this band is from. See do a little research, and then you’ll know. “NWO” what a straight ahead QOTSA demo would sound like. Sounds like a QOTSA song but Josh just hasn’t flushed it all out yet. If the movie HEAVY METAL was being remade today, then Void of Sleep should be on the soundtrack. “Slaves shall serve” would be a good track fro the Heavy Metal (the movie) soundtrack.

The Scandals- LUCKY SEVEN- “Emerald City” – Panic State/Say-10 – Say-10.com panicstaterecords.com– “Whatever happened to the Emerald City?”. It’s dead. Dead and gone. Truth is, it never existed. Singer sounds Lars from Rancid. What Rancid might have sounded like if they had skipped all the bald faced Clash worshipping and instead listened to a lot of Pop Punk music and had Lars sing all the songs. FEAR without the sense of inescapable pending distress and therefore the gleeful frighteness and fervor. Still enjoyable though. Okay last comparison, I swear, Alkaline Trio without the painfully awkward love me vocals and bruisingly laid bare lyrics of a love struck dumby. But still good and worth a listen.

TRICKY LOBSTERS- WORLDS COLLIDE- “Battlefields”- trickylobsters.demainstreamrecords.de– “You want it, you got it. It’s all in the big book of bad ideas” from “Big Book”. That might be the biggest piece of cliched fluff I’ve heard since Sookie Johnsons “Chase the birds, my mind is whirl today, and all the ideas just float away”. I will give them a break though, they are German and English is probably not their first language, so maybe it doesn’t translate well. Of course the Sookie Johnson song came from her album “In my red Camaro cruising before the big rain fall” in case you were interested. What Russ Guillen is to free range chicken farming, Tricky Lobsters are to rock n roll. It’s like if ZZ Top grew up in the 1970’s in Delaware listening to Muddy Waters and CCR records and continuously getting them mixed up. “Battlefields” has a nice roaring fuzz guitar driving the song faster and carless down a paved road to the A&P for butter and eggs. What would have happened if Dave from Monster Magnet had remained sober his whole life. Now we know.

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