SLTM 2.0 Episode 20


Punchline- LION- (Streaming review, no clip) – InVogue Records– store.invoguerecords.com – It’s because I’m old as fuck, and have been reviewing music for over 30 years that I can make these sweeping generational generalities: This is what the kids in Titanic Love Affair would write during their summer off while listening to The Monkees and thinking the Monkees had it almost right with their album HEAD. I would probably like this more if their youth, which pisses off everyone my age, wasn’t blocking my vision. It’s not that they can’t play or that some of their ideas are youthfully undershot. No, it’s the energy. I suppose its what happens when you get older. How dare they be okay with their energy and sincerity. I’ll give them another listen or two and see if my mind rebends itself to the early 90’s. PS- this is why I don’t like to review streaming music, the link has expired so my further listens could not be had. Also I hate to be tied down to the computer and like to download something to listen to it in different arena’s. That’s okay, I appreciate anyone who sends me stuff hear.

Earth Witch – OUT OF THE SHALLOW- earthwitch.bandcamp.com -“Earth Witch” I had this dream when I was ten years old that I’ve never told anyone about. But now when I hear this release it brings it all flooding back. My mom and dad get divorced, and my mom remarries Danny Joe Brown from Molly Hatchet. We go on the road with the band touring the south during the summer. Playing every dirthole country fair and gathering in sight. I’m the youngest roadie and I’m so happy to be with my mom and Danny Joe, from Molly Hatchet. Also I’m not going school but I’m learning life lessons while hanging out with a popular rock band. It’s beautiful in its simplistic bombasity. This would be the sound track to our road journeys. Besides that let me just say that I love Earthwitch, and that I’ve known Nathan Landolt for a long time. I look forward to hearing the band in the future, hope they continue and am very sincere with sharing this dream from my childhood many many years ago.

Oranssi Pazuzu– FARMAKOLOGINEN – songs from a splith with Candy Cane in 2010- oranssipazuzu.com – 20buckspin.com– “Unihamahakki”- new artwork and available as a stand alone on digital or 12 inch vinyl- very melodic. I’m enjoying this right out of the gate. Thrashy black metal, but really easy to listen to. A touch of the Cramps in the music. With a bite of fright, campy fright. There are flares of melodic joy in this release. Something you don’t get a ton of in Black Metal , or even metal for that matter. Such a testosterone driven sport doesn’t allow for real time melody. Even when they drift off like at the end of Song 2, its pointed drifting. Yeah for me this is good metal.

Oranssi Pazuzu – KOSMONUMENT- Vinyl release in deluxe format – originally released in 2012- 20buckspin.com – “Maavaltimo” – the song clip we are playing is from a song that has a 60’s mower buzz saw guitar riff that I like. I don’t like this one as much as the previous one I reviewed. “Uusi Olento Nousee” sounds a little like “Helter Skelter” at the beginning. “Komeeka” has an interesting sound distortion at one point, or at least I hope its in the song and not my crappy MP3 player. Bits of the music fall out. If it’s intended then its a nice creepy flip of the tape. If not then I need to get a new mp3 player. “Luhistava” gave me time and space to reflect on things. “Kaoose Hallitsee” has some interesting sounds. The diving bell feedback at the end is almost mind numbing.

Cock Sparrer- FOREVER- “Don’t Tell anyone anything” – piratepressrecords.com– so according to the first song “one by one” no matter how old you get, marriage, mortgage, kids, etc you are still fighting those who want to keep you down. Uggh. I don’t have that kind of energy anymore to fight against that. Although it is that energy that keeps them fighting back against the establishment . But wait, what’s this? Questioning one sides motives too? Conflicted aren’t we? Just like in real life. “don’t tell anyone anything” warns of the dangers of sharing everything of ourselves through social media, email, etc. I couldn’t agree more. More mystery less history. On “Nothing like you” is he trying to convince himself that he’s nothing like everone else even if he does give in and give up? “I’ve had enough” takes a poke at those who talk about or want change but then nothing seems to happen after all the speeches and marches. So they are giving up. “One by One” calls to mind for me the Monkees song “A little bit me, a little bit you”

San Cisco– THE WATER- sancisco.com- “the distance” – I would like to hear more songs like “Make me electrify”. I have found the baby that was gentically engineered from the seeds of Hall and Oates. He grew up listening to N’Sync and Paul Anka records. In “The Distance” the artist says, at first, “if you stay you and I change me” and “We close the distance between you and me”. Its a fools game my friend. Asking later “If I change for you, then will you change too?” Fool, you’re a fool. This strikes me as a lot less weird and reclusive Kevin Thista. Like if Kevin hadn’t shut himself off from the world and then wondered through song what his girlfriend was doing out there without him. Catchy at times, but very MOR. “Waiting for the weekend”, this guy sounds like a right stalker. “Started out as a crush” but he never names what it becomes. Stalker. The rhymes are a bit easy, but this is coming from a guy (me) who thinks its the height of cleverness when you can rhyme something with fallopian tube or dog doo. At one point I thought I was going to hear “Went to a party, drank some bacardi, got a bit naughty” . Actually that would have been clever if he did, bring back that old school shit and prop it back up again like it’s still something. I will admit to breaking out in a dance at work while listening to this release. It was 6 am and the building was empty. “get what you came for”

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