sltm 2.0 episode 19 – Camping with Pat Williams



Grid Failure&Megalophobe– DENDRITIC- “Phantom Climate” – facebook.com/gridfailure- megalophobe.bandcamp.com – those birds in the first song remind me how much I hate birds. Opening your album with a ten minute plus atmospheric sojourn is ballsy. Throw in some goddamn birds, and an accordian on it’s last legs and you have yourself a Sunday Night out in the woods. At least thats how Sundays were where I grew up. Track number two, more birds. I’m beginning to think that this is the soundtrack of the earth after humans disappear off of it. This is interesting but I wonder what the casual listener will get out of it? This is a record of the earth and all the sounds, vibes,tones and feelings its giving off after the annihilation of the Human Race. There is a certain radiation permeating through the air, you can hear it humming & flowing in the background, always there. Did we give ourselves a nuclear clear out? Is that what happens to us? “Phantom Climate” is light voices in the backyard, the first attempt by others to check out the earth and beam a report back. We can hear a few broadcast messages. Are there survivors here or are these just pre recorded messages of our doom?

Meatwound– LARGO-”pigs” – facebook.com/MEATWOUND- magicbulletrecords.com – its a shame it’s only two songs, or did my mp3 player fuck again? Fucking piece of junk. I swear half the time it puts the songs on there and the other it fucks up. I’ll have to check and make aure its only two songs. I’ve checked and its acutally seven songs. Fuck me. This is the good kind of scuzzy rock and roll that’s good for your dirty sinful soul. The vocal effect they have works really well, it’s a bit buried in the mix but it’s effective. A little distorted and blurry. Nice touch. I like the bass mix in this also, highlighted by the bass rip in the song “Jungle Heart”.

Silence Equals Death – END TIMES- “never ending story” – facebook.com/silenceequalsdeath – eulogyrecordings.com – “and in the end we all die”. Good old fashioned hardcore punk. Chewy, something to sink your teeth into. On song #10 “Life Hurts more”, the music stops with a couple of minutes to go, there is just silence, then they launch into “Traveling Band” by CRR. Is this real? Or did my goddamn play fuck up again? “Reparations” starts off with a Ratt riff. “Hero” says “You’re no hero” , saying it over and over to remind that of which is not, something that we need to keep telling those that do it for glory and not the act of kindness. Or maybe he’s just saying that to me, and I get it I’m no hero, even if I did eat six cheesburgers at Franks Hamburgers in one sitting. I was a little liberal in my use of the word and I apologize. I also apologize for screaming at people “Where’s my parade” as I was lead out of the restaurant.

Snares of Sixies– YEAST MOTHER: An Electroacoustic Mass- “lions to leeches” -facebook.com/yeastmother- crucialblast.net– debut EP- Jason Walton created the music and had others collaborate with him on the EP. The first songs has bits of Zappa, Devo and Ween cast about like a fruit fly looking for a place to land. I believe I heard a Primus riff and some of Mr. Bungles goofy warped charm. Only four songs, I could of easily have listened to four more, but I guess according to the bio Jason felt like an EP was easier for people to digest. Thats the best best, always leave them looking around for their glasses. Thats what my grandma used to say. The last song makes me feel like I’m playing some sort of demented 1980’s arcade pinball machine.

Internal Bleeding – FINAL JUSTICE 7 inch- “final justice” – a teaser for the upcoming full length “Corrupting Influence” – facebook.com/internalbleeding – uniqueleader.com – I love this track, can’t wait to hear more from their next album. Could have heard a bunch form this band, but its a nice teaser for the next album.

Jr Juggernaut – WITCH’S HAND – “my window”- jrjuggernaut.bandcamp.com – new album “eightoeighteen” came out in march of this year 2018- you can download for free a digital copy of the album eightoeighteen which has some of their favorite tracks from their three albums- late 80’s early 90’s current rock. Does that make any sense? Of course not. Kind of like Chicago’s the Slugs without the hooky charm or a less confident, and a less self involved Urge Overkill. Not sure how I got this album, no one seems to have sent it to me and its two years old but that doesn’t matter on a podcast no one listens to or cares about. “My Window” would have been a top 30 hit in the early 90’s right there with Big Head Todd and the Monsters and The Toadies. “Melody” moves the band into the mid 1990’s. This reminds me of the time Pat Dinizio go sick on tour and the had his brother Bill stand in for a couple of shows. Bill sounded a bit like Pat but just didn’t have the melancholy adroitness to carry it off. So I say about this singer. This band could slip seemlessly into one of those 90’s best of CD’s like Stolar Tracks vol. 5. right next to Best Kissers in the World and World Famous Bluejays. Strange how this feels like a time capsule from the 1990’s to me. They sure seem to love Urge Overkill. A band that hads it moments.

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