SLTM 2.0 Episode 18 – Pizza Magee



Suffering Hour– IN PASSING ASCENSION- Blood Harvest- Facebook.com/SufferingHourMetal – debut album – “Through Vessels Arcane P…” – this from their press release last year “there’s something elusively transcendent about the sonic wormholes Suffering Hour create here”- maybe it’s because I’m working overtime everyday and I’m beyond tired that my defenses are down and I don’t dismiss things as easily? Maybe there is something to that, I don’t know. This is your standard death metal but there is something that appeals to me about it. I don’t think its my state of constant sleep deprivation & vulnerability. It is your Uncles brand of death metal, faster drums than the ones he’s beating his old meat to & low growled vocals. So low I can’t hear them in the background at times. Plus punching throbbing bone machine gristle. Okay, so maybe my Uncle is different from yours, he served in Nam and he had a Blue Cheer cover band in his late twenties after he got out of the service. I did like the groove of Track 5 “Withering Microcosmos” , an instrumental which sounds like a trip on a demented train in some county fair. You pass by burnt out buildings and desolation greets you as you slide down the rails.

So This Is Suffering– PALACE OF THE PESSIMIST- facebook.com/sothisissuffering- uniqueleader.com– “Dreameater” (last minute or so) – Two Demons fighting it out to heard. Sometimes they share the stage and spread their message together. This is their story. The two demons are close friends all through school and after graduation they decide to move in together. They share the rent on a small two bedroom apartment in the city. One goes to welding school and the other decides to become a desiel mechanic. “Lechorous” tells the story of people eating other peoples food and not replacing it. All the songs tell a story about what it is to be young, poor, and friends while living together. Demons, like the rest of us, have a code to live by and while it might be different things from us, they still have annoyances and problems. I think during the song “Columbine” the demons are saying that they could have killed themselves, follow a code, and if you’re unhappy do it to yourself first. “Dreameater” talks about waking up one day to realize you are 32 years old and in a bad marriage and a job you hate.

Higher Power– SOUL STRUCTURE- “Between Concrete and Sky” – flatspot records- debut LP – higherpowerleeds.bandcamp.com – “UK based Hardcore outfit” – If, according to unofficial Motley Crue biographer Dave Eggers its something they wanted to do, the band went the hardcore route instead of jumping on the pop metal bullet train. This band reminds me a bit of Snapcase, but without the biting edge or sense of pissed off perpetual drive. Not a bad release, or band, just a bit more pop metal than I like. Prong if they had started later in their career, discarding some of the dirtier, scumbag charm they had in their first few releases. I also get an early loose Van Halen vibe, which is cool. “we’s free wheelin” . “And in the end I got down in that hole”, amen brother, I hear what you are preaching. Seriously if like Snapcase you’ll enjoy this release. If you don’t know snapcase then I implore you to search them out. You don’t have to love snapcase like I do but you should be aware of them. I enjoyed this release all the way through. Its melodic hardcore rock that doesn’t let up, and that is cool with me.

HITE-LIGHT-OF-A-STRANGE-DAY- heyhite.com – was talking to a mate of mine about this artist/band and he was telling me how this were Dido’s kids He went on to tell me this feature story he read about them being born on tour and that their first words out of their mouths were “daydream”. Like this music was their destiny. So then he and I listened to this release together. The lass singing does have a pleasing voice. “Hatnar” is a pleasingly cloudless day part of a Midwestern set piece.

Household/Infinite Me Split- 6 songs- 3 each- “When you leave” by Infinite Me- infiniteme.bandcamp.com – Three household songs sound similar and it makes me wonder if it’s one song cycle. There are clear song endings and beginngs in the three songs but it flows so nicely into each other. Either that or it could just be one long song. It is a song cycle. Man am I perceptive. “You can’t escape your start”, I do believe that they say that at one point in the second part. How fucking true is that? We may try to out grow or strive above our start in life, maybe try to outpace it but its hard to get away from an almost impossible beginning. Boy, that needy son of a bitch in “When you leave” is killing me. Saying he’s going to move in and be there forever. Clinging on with both hands. Sad. “You wouldn’t ask me to stay if you knew what was pulling me away”. Drugs? That is all there is, it is what will make you cash in all your love and good will with those who care about you. Drugs.

He whose ox is gored– PARALYZER 7 inch- “Paralyzer (endino Mix)- hewhoseoxisgored.com- facebook.com/voidassaultrecords- three songs. I don’t remember HWOIG being this transcendental, trippy and at times dancey. I’m sure we’ve discussed them on the show before. I’ll have to look at an old review or listen back to an old episode of SLTM. That’s gonna be painful. First track, “Paralyzer” is pretty good. It calls to mind Snapcase (man, I must be missing that band a lot recently, its the second time I’ve mentioned them in just this show alone). I go on to say that I’ve been hearing a lot of bands that sound like them lately. Or maybe I’m just wanting to hear them again, and am imposing that feeling on the music I do hear.

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