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Foreseen– GRAVE DANGER – “Government Cuts” – 20buckspin.cm – facebook.com/foreseen – This is the kind of old school thrash metal that I enjoy. SOD, early Metallica, Slayer, 1980’s thrash metal sounds. Good stuff. I really don’t know how or really why some bands can pull this off, like Foreseen does so well here. Maybe it’s because they are Finnish and have digested all that thrash metal from a distance. Then they can completely ape it without sounding tired or distracted. It is something that is seemingly simple but really easy to fuck up. “Downward Spiral” has a shake your ass groove that’s infectious. Although I did hear mention of depression in the lyrics. Actually, I’m not even sure they are speaking English. Its too fast for me to catch every word. “Grave Danger” is one of the faster songs on the album. I can make out more words in it, so yes it is English. No let up between songs, no acoustic like breakdown nonsense to take a breather with on this one. Plus the singer does the old school “Buahhh” at the beginning of “Government Cuts”, which is a favorite vocal move of mine. Nice work. The above song has gun shots, perhaps a shoot out and what sounds like Finnish news reports. A statement perhaps on where we will be if the Government inacts such cuts here hurting the neediest people.

Tehom- The Merciless Light- blood harvest/helter skelter/regain records- “With Patience and Faith” -debut album- sweden- bloodharvest.se– love this quote from the PR place that sent this release to me, “the quartet took their time to finesse and fine tune their sound into one that spans decades without bearing the stench of “retro” tedium”. Nice. – maybe its because I have gotten a ton of sleep lately and have more patience or am open to it more but this release was good. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. First track is a creepy demonic priest damning us all to hell in Germantic glee. On “Heart of Perdition” I could have sworn that they called out Comedian, Actor, Producer, author Jay Mohr. But, what would they have against the star of “Gary Unmarried”? Oh yeah. Track 6, “Tehom Invocation” that creepy bastard returns, some backwards masking. It’s creepy as hell. Damn you, if someone was to show up outside my house at night with just a flash light under the chin with this track playing, I’d be sufficiently creeped out for the rest of the night. Mind you I don’t creep out that easy. “Voices from the Dark”, the next track, brings it back nicely, a little boogie woogie in their metal.

The Ditch and the Delta – HIVES IN DECLINE- battleground records– Salt Lake City band- theditchandthedelta.bandcamp.com/releases- facebook.com/battlegroundrecords – “Sleeping Dogs” – I do like the guitar sound they have on the first song. Bass has a nice rattle to it, reminds me a bit of Lemmy’s bass sound. I do like the down tuning of the guitar on “Fuck on Asphalt” , gives it a warped canvas feel. I’m gonna play a clip from “Sleeping Dogs” because I find the guitar and bass sounds interesting. Therer is a nice bluesy guitar on the instrumental track “Dry Land”. These cats really know how to get some interesting sounds out of their instruments, which makes it more fun for me to listen. Its because of the sounds they create that we can forgive them when they deliver a standard crab rocker like “Till Buddy Quits”. When we hit “Mud” its an old school prog rock guitar echo. These people are really interesting. Thanks for taking the time to create a sound, bend it around, the ultimately pull it all off. I had a NIL8 “Heat Miser” moment during “Dread Spectacle”, I thought to myself that the fellas from Springfield had slipped in there somewhere.

Tyrannosoceress– SHATTERING LIGHT’S CREATION- “tormented debut full length” – formed by members of the Dallas band Cleric- in Earsplit PR it says “Shattering Light’s Creation documents the bands transformation into a Chthonic (“of or relating to the deities, spirits and other beings dwelling under the earth” dictionary.com) force. – tyrannosorceress.com – tofucarnage.com – I’m gonna come back to this one later, it’s just not grabbing me yet. Though it is well played and pretty decent. Just need to sherbet my mind. Where are my Sammy Hagar albums? I’ll come back to this later. Okay, I’m back later, its been a week and a half since I listened to this. Its pretty standard death metal with drums, vox, and repetitive guitar licks. I have to say that I would probably not listen to this again in my life. Its not bad or cheesy or stupid, or really a waste of time, but for a person like me that hears twelve bands like this a week, I need something to grab me about the music. There are many factors in that feeling, I’ve been working a lot of overtime, I’m a bit dumb, I hear tons of music everyday. So maybe my filter is a bit clogged. This is what makes this a great exchange, anyone can disagree or write up a nice little review telling me where I’m wrong. It can be done. People on Kachang do it all the time.

Black Wizard– NEW WASTE- early 2016 – have a new LP out in March 2018 called LIVIN OBLIVION- listenable.net– facebook.com/blackwizardband- “Eliminator” – Black Sabbath in a good way. They do sound like other stoner/space rock bands but there is something that sets them apart. What is that? For one thing there is the mandolin at the end of the song “Vivian Girls” , you don’t hear that too often. Then there is that 80’s hair metal vibe I’m getting from the vocals. That’s not a slight either. So don’t take it that way. Well, for me to say that with a straight face, that Bebe Neuwirth is not an incredibly fuckable piece of ass would just be a lie. You see…(pause) Hello, and welcome to Farming and Technology Today. I’m your host Dan Brist. Today we will discuss the advantage of macrobiotic pesticides and later rotation machine barometric. Sorry, wrong podcast. Where was this going? Oh Yeah, I can say this about Black Wizard and their album New Waste, that there is a super white hot guitar solo on “The Priest”. I jib you not on that one.

Cannons– MANIC GROOVES FOR YOUR PARTY- June 2016- 5th release- cannons.bandcamp.com- “To good for gold” – on the song “Exercising Demons” I thought I heard this “Potato Thumb, tables turn around, there’s that guy he got germs”. I don’t think that is even close. The guy at the Starbucks says I can’t call this Particle Rock, says it’s a stupid made up genre. I told him to mind his own business, then I called him a long hair. I’ve got this and I can call it whatever the hell I want. I mean, who’s the person with a twelve year old podcast that no one listens to? Not some hippy serving hot java. Who also had a zine for 10 years and 20 issues? Bingo. Who has been reviewing, writing, talking and discussing music for 30 years? EL Macho Blanco, that’s who. Now sip your latte and piss off. This would fit perfectly into my collection of postmodern romantic rock bands from England in the 1980’s. Excuse me? What the fuck do you want now? Can I list some of those kinds of bands as background? Listen pal, I think I already told you to fly off the wall and into my ass. So go away. You do too know what that means. Oh so you think this band sounds more like 90’s lake west post rock than Particle Rock? Oh yeah, well site some examples smart ass. Poster Children, okay. Any more? Shut up.

Classhole– S/T- Facebook.com/classhole – thecompound.bandcamp.com – earsplitdistro.com– “Corrupted” – with a name like classhole and the opening squelching feedback on the first song, its easy to tell what part of town the band grew up on. You can tell what their short bursting messages will be too. That is fine with me. Singers style has a little G.G. Allin tinge to it. I think I just heard someone say something about rent control. When was the last time a band mentioned that? 1982? makes me want to break out my MDC and DOA records. While listening to “Corrupted” at work I started to slam dance into people for the minute and eight it was on. Old Ricco at the skating rink didn’t like what I was doing and told me to get back to work. I thought he was going to put me in the penalty box. “Why don’t you listen to something good, like John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band?” he asked. If he wasn’t my supervisor and a hell of a speed skater I would slam dance into him. Change his world view man. He would for sure put me in the penalty box for that one. HA!

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