SLTM 2.0 Episode 15 – This again



ORM– ORM- “Apothesis” – self titled debut album- facebook.com/ormband – ormband.bandcamp.com – released march 2017- to be honest this isn’t my cup of tea. Reason being that its speedy black metal with drums a thousand miles a minute and demonic vocals. Not that all of it is uninteresting to me but I’ve heard a ton of it, and it tends to be a bit repetitive. But wait, what is this? In Claptian “Layla”-esque style the band breaks “Apothesis” into two pieces, and the back part instrumental is their strangest material yet. The last song “A tree a blaze” has some interesting twists and turns but before it can rescue itself from a well trod path its back to the speed drumming and guitar licks fast, fast, exploding. Bored. Okay, as I do with some reviews where I just don’t think I’m getting it, I like to put them aside for a few weeks and then give them another run. Here goes: I do like the end of the first song, and there are parts of the middle and middle end of the second song that I like. When they slow it down, step away from the relentless beating of the drums, they make an interesting sound. “Temple of the Deaf” must be a quiet place. I would imagine. However, the band is talking about not those who can’t hear but those that refuse to listen. That’s just a guess. Again, this song showcases their strengths and their normality all in one. When they slow it down and let some air and space into a song, it really develops into something interesting for me. But then they slip right back into beating us over the head with that rubber mallet. Bludgeoning us into crossed eyed boredom. At the seven minute mark of “temple of the deaf” there is such a perfect slice of what it is that makes me interested to hear their next release, and hesitant all at once. I like where it heads to but then I’m afraid they are going to fall into that same old muddy trap.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Not a daugther” – ARC 3 song EP- relapse.com – facebook.com/AgoraphobicNosebleed- the first song deals with how much if anything do you owe to the dying person in their bed after a lifetime of abuse at their hands? Do you owe anything but rancid hatred to a person who is trying to treat you better cause they know they are dying and are trying to make some small gesture? I say you owe them nothing but hate, especially if they burned you physically and mentally, I say let them die unheard, unfulfilled. Second song starts off with a black sabbath riff. However they are never as lacerating as that band, they are more like Sabbath, COC with doubled guitars. Nice touches throughout, more like crumbled goat cheese sparsely sprinkled. Their is talking at one point that sounds like someone snuck in a tape recorder to an AA or church counselor meeting.

Aevangelist – Enthrall to the Void- “Cloister of the Temple of Death” – 20 buck spin- october 2015 – 20buckspin.com – facebook.com/aevangelist.official- I like that crazed out of tune calliope circus organ bashing away in the background. That is a nice demented touch. Love it (this refers to the clip we are playing from “Cloister of the temple of death”). Then Hellvis (elvis in hell) kicks in with some off key crooning. He’s shaking his hips, looking young and skinny. Word has it that he doesn’t eat much in hell cause they fry their banana and peanut butter sandwiches in goat grease. This is really growing on me. Its weird as shit at times. Then “Alchemy” kicks in and its a flat out dance track. What the fuck. The last song, is thirteen minutes plus of a lady crying in muted confused terror. Here’s what I gleamed from another couple of listens: I think I hear that same person from that last track yelp crying in the background on track one. I just figured something out about the devil. As long as you prove useful to his operation he loves you and treats you well but as soon as that changes and he can no longer count on you, you become just another scadouch. He acts much like a mob boss. You have purpose to him as long as he needs you, but when he finds you’re more trouble than what you bring in then you’re just another of the countless hordes to be used up and spit out. I bet I could use “Alchemy” as the backdrop to sell my line of smart waters. Especially with the repeating “Sounds like water” line. Wonder if I could write a commercial for it?

Sam Skinner– Danny Through Junior- “Joel” – Soft Speak records– softspeakrecords.com – samskinnermusic.com – I like the vocal interplay on “Joel”. He’s not the weirdest, quiezziest or most syncopated singer/song writer I’ve ever heard but it is very nice. The female, harmony and backing vocals, are really what brings out the flush side of this release. This is not to say that this is some sort of Captain Beefheart obtuse release, its just that those female vocals really ground it in a nice neighborhood. Oh, its not perfectly manicured lawns and Stepford Wives but its definetly not the picture its painting. Like the banjo cascading around the background of “Stout”. Almost has a Joe Pernice nice whisper way of singing. Off kilter in a pleasing Tom Waitsian way. Which would make it five times more listenable than todays top hits. Whatever that means. Fucking Kids Bop assholes. The meaning behind “Daniel” is unclear to me, its an easy guitar laid back sitting on your chair thinking kind of song. Maybe its the fact that none of the feelings are vocalized. Sometimes for those we love and miss there are no words to comfort us or accurately describe what they meant to us.

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic- “executioners tax (swing the ax)”- powertripsl.bandcamp.com – southernlord.com – we’ve reviewed Power Trip before on this podcast so I know that I already like them. Old school speed metal, like early Metallica, Megadeth, SOD, Prong, etc. Love the Devo-esque intro on “Waiting around to die” , nice touch. I enjoyed this whole album, it never felt over done or tedious to me. While this calls to mind 1980’s speed metal, it never sounds like they aping their heroes. Sounds fresh. This hits all the right notes for me.

Bison – You are not the Ocean- “Raiigin”- Vancouver based- facebook.com/bisonbc – pelagic-records.com – This is an essay written by my son 12 year old Jibby What Bison Means to me- I first heard this band on the way to school when my dad was giving me and my friend kyle a ride. I think they rock, not only because they are heavy but also because I can understand what they are saying. Also even in an instrumental they have a point, its just never pointless noodling. Somebody goes ape shit crazy bonks with the flute on “Tantrum”. Goddamn, strangle that flute mister. I really like this band, and have even gone back to their EP and the LP LOVELESSNESS that introduced my dad to the band. My dad said I had to write seven hundred words, but I can’t think of anything else to say but give me more Bison. So I thought I would tell you about a practical joke I played on the school nurse. I went in one day and told her that I got my penis caught in the zipper. So she had to have the male principal Mr. Jacksack (that’s what we call Mr. Jackwack)come and take a look at it. Well, they didn’t know that I had put a piece of bologna from my lunch in my pants smeared it with a little catsup and caught it in my fly. When he took a look I thought he was going to throw up. Great part was, and this was last year so I don’t think I can get in trouble for it now, but they never caught on. They were so sickened that when they took the pliers to my zipper and gave it a yank, they never noticed me catching the bologna and putting it in my pocket. I think my light scream helped sell it too. So there you go, I got a lollipop, a little attention and my dad got a nice review for a good band. The end.

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