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Wolf Brigade – RUN WITH THE HUNTED- “Return to none” – southernlord.com – facebook.com/lycanthropunks – now that the original lineup of Motorhead has gone from the earth, who will take up their mantle of Rock? Wolfbrigade is up to the task.

Vagabonds– I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW- “Ambulance” – Facebook.com/VagabondsMichigan – I don’t think the double lead with weird distortion trick used on at least the first three tracks serves the singer well. It’s a bit distracting. Then when he yells in track three it is just a distorted mess. The self involved seriousness and pretenious nature of the subjects batted about with youthful importance leaves me cold. Maybe when I was twenty five years old, in a bad marriage, a crappy job wondering why my place in this world was getting farther and farther away from me I would have enjoyed the solitude, hopefulness and bleak corridors of this release. Now that I’m experienced, salted and bitter I know its all a bunch of fantastic self involved defeatist bullshit. “old friends wherever you are” has a message. Suicide is an easy way out of this mess but if you just look forward, even if that hope is based in pure blind faith, its more of a path than just ending it all. Or maybe the song is about Tacos. How the fuck do I know? I’ve never been that perceptive.

Until Rain– INURE- “A broken wing” – 3rd album from these greek alt/prog metal peoples – first album since 2013- facebook.com/untilrain – lasersedgegroup.com – “A Broken Wing” – What Queen would have sounded like if they grew up listening to Queen, FNM, and Prince. No, what would the kids of the band Triumph (Formed in 1975 in Toronto, three piece that drew comparisons to Rush. Best album was 1981’s ALLIED FORCES. Which I had in cassette form in my collection back in the day) would sound like if they grew up hearing everything Triumph did but wanted it to sound a bit tougher. The whisper singing on “A broken wing” freaks me out a bit. Also it makes one think of what christopher cross would sound like if he hadn’t been alive in the 60’s, 70’s but today digesting popular music. In between their metal and rock records from Queen and Dragonforce I bet you would find some Steely Dan records. Okay, if I’m reading “This Fear” right I would have to say that I agree with the sentiment expressed by “you only have one second chance to make a mess of everything”. You know that old chestnutt, “walk in my shoes before you judge me”? Well its flawed. We judge someone before we meet them, its what we humans do, we size people up before they come into our orbit. We have to understand what it is or if there is a threat. I say judge all you want, but keep an open mind cause when you get to know someone you might want to change how you feel about them. Don’t be concrete in your thinking, be fluid, because life is that way. I did enjoy the Viv Savage keyboards in “This solitude”. Nice break down fellas.

Barrows– OBSIDION- “Cocoon” – “Cocoon” – barrowstheband.com- barrowstheband.bandcamp.com – there were these two brothers that I went to school with, lets call them Jarry and Him Runbad. They were what you would call back in those days, petty hoodlums. They would knick a candy bar or two, shit on your front door step but they wouldn’t break into your house or pelt your dog with rocks. There are flakes of Farflung in this cereal. Whereas Farflung wanted to take you on a journey through the cosmos, Barrows just want to float around the atmosphere, relaxing. This would be good music to put on at your backyard party. It’s rock, its a little spacey and its all instrumentals. Good background music. Won’t get in the way of conversation and the neighbors won’t call the cops on you.

Drose– BOY MAN MACHINE- “Numerical Control” – came out in april 2016- nyp ddl – droseohio.bandcamp.com – first song sounds like Perry Ferrel stuck in a storm cellar for twenty days without water. Second song Perry is still trapped and now he sounds better, but water is flowing into that cellar and he cannot escape. EBS is sounding in the background and is that someone knocking at the door trying to save him? There is somone out there trying to rescue him, its Les Claypool from Primus and such. He’s got a hammer repeatingly slamming it over and over into the door. He’s chanting a prayer to Perry at the same time, wait here come Lar and Tim to help him out. Now someone has a cement saw trying to get Perry out but he thinks this might be the end. He’s apologizing and asking for forgivenss from everyone he ever hurt or wronged. Perry continues to cry out “I’m in pain” over and over. No can reach him. Now the saw has burnt out, nothing seems to work all avenues exhausted. On track seven he’s using his last strength to yell out a message and beat a hole in the earth. The start to an early grave. Track eight, “A change” , with whatever last little he has in the tank he’s using to go after his critics. He can’t keep up the venumous spyzing the whole time, but he breaks back in from time to time to tell them they are useless human beings without talent. Track nine, what the hell are the Flaming Lips doing here? To sing Perry’s Eulogy. Finally in track ten Primus are here to reflect on Perry’s life and the tragedy of his end. How to go on with your life without him.

Contaminated– FINAL MAN- “Final Man” – formed in 2013 in Melbourne Australia- blood harvest/helter skelter/regain records- facebook.com/pestilentialdecay – bloodharvest.se – I went to school with this kid called Davey Green, but we called him Davey Gravey because he spit when he talked, therefore he was making his own gravy. Much like the dog food of the time. The singer for this band sounds just like him. Davey always had a deep, raspy voice, even when he was eight years old. He sounded like an over the road trucker who did tons of speed, drank every cup of coffee and smoked his brains out. Weird how music can help you recall those kinds of things. People or places that have long been buried and almost forgotten. I think it beats sense of smell for me in recalling those memories fetched deep in my brain. “Final Man” the song, has the juice. I can almost make out what the singer is saying. About every fifth word. Devil, God once or twice. On track eight does he say “double decker raised the bar”? I have no idea. I’m catching weird snatches and fragments of words. Its like listening to a conversation at the park with lots of noise from the soccer game drowning out what people are saying, but you swear the guy over by the pond is either talking about killing in the name of god or going and getting some ice cream .

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