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Rozamov– THIS MORTAL ROAD- “Inhumation” – (find a part with singing)- they have a four song live album on their bandcamp for name your price ddl – rozamov.bandcamp.com – I thought the first song was gonna be a loss. There is very little call for an opening track that is ten minutes plus, but the vocals kick in at almost eight minutes. So it’s okay now. I did enjoy the shakey piano weirdness plopped down by track fours “Swallowed and Lost”. I’m not sure what it means but I always encourage bands, people, whomever to follow that weird impulse to mix it up. That not only goes for music but life as well. This release is for those who have sometime on their hands and some ground sausage to smoke ( I hear that’s what the kids are into these days). If you want something quick, fast and over in two minutes call my friend Derek, he’ll take care of you.

Oozepus– YOUR LIMIT- “Cyn” -Malignant Records- facebook.com/oozepus – malignantrecords.com – vocals have a nice effect, part of the vocals he sounds like he’s drowning in water. Trying to breath out his last warning. Pretty cool. I like the caveman beat they got going on in “Cyn”, its the reason I chose it as the clip to play. I also like the marching band drums at the end of “farmers”, signifying to me the repetitive mind numbing work that farmers do, a job vital to the world but a bit dull in its day to day operation. Probably a reason it’s dying as a vocation. I would like to see this band tour the Midwest with Rabbits. Would be a good live fit. I’ve listened to this more than five times all the way through. In total. The four songs are a nice starter. Good way to introduce yourself to the band. I’m really just a simple humble idiot, cause those tribal drum beats really appeal to me on “Cyn”. Maybe they go right to my basic instinct and rhythm. I like it. Also as mentioned before I like a heavy band that takes their time, too many times a band will speed faster just to see if they can get your head to snap off its moorings. Break neck rock paces have their place of course, but this band knows that the journey is best taken slowly and with trudging care than through the many potholes and barricades of life.

Artificial Brain– INFARED HORIZON- “Static Shattering”- facebook.com/artificialbrainmusic – profoundlorerecords.com – three songs in and I have to say that this is pretty standard speed metal. Fast drums, growled vocals, repicked riffs. Okay, so “Estranged from Orbit” starts out with a good riff. Its coming in over the horizon doing a couple of dips and drops, but then you’re pilot tells you to put on your seat belt because its back to the same old same. Fast pounding drums, speed. I do like the weird radio in a rental room sound they go to for about twenty seconds at the end of “Estranged” , just wish they did it a bit more. It adds some mysterious weird flavor. The ending of “infrared Horizon” is a nice step. Cool weirdness. “Anchored to the Inlayed Arc” okay. Maybe I’m warming up to this band. I like this riff they have going on this one. They do that production trick called “down in a well” again for “Mist like Mercury”. They never seem to overuse it, thankfully. Some bands will drive that trick right into the day old bread store. Using restraint is a nice trait in a band. Also I have admiration for any vocalist who can pull off the pig gruntle effect, I would think it would be hard to do. Not a bad band, one that does get more interesting and stretches out at times during the album.

Reality Slap– LIMITLESS- “Escapist” – Portuguese Hardcore outfit- EP- facebook.com/realityslap – war-rec.com – I like the energy and passion this band has, probably because I have neither of them anymore. At times they sound like an echo of Rollins band. This lyric struck me “You pray for reality, you get slapped by reality” , which translates for me to this – you may dream and hope for a better world and your place in it, but reality is gonna slap that hand upside your head and bring you down to the real world. It sounds like Tommy Chong doing voice over work in the beginning. I enjoyed this because it reminds me of a favorite band, Snapcase. I like how they work their name into two songs. More bands should do that. Your band name should be more than just a moniker. It should have some purpose or meaning to and in your music.

In the Company of Serpents– AIN-SOPH-AUR – “crucible” – Now this I like. I’ve said it before about other bands but this is heavy without being dense. “Crucible” starts out like a demented old western opening credit song. Lets see where this nine minute plus song goes. Song has hints of Tom Waits. This would be a good song for the closing credits to my gritty cowboy movie I’m writing. Yeah, I’m writing a western movie. It’s about an alcoholic sheriff who hasn’t been a good person, taking bribes, stealing horses, misleading women and the like. The system in place lets him get away with these deeds. No one wants to speak out against him. Then one day he kills an unarmed man and realizes he has to change his life around. Just as he is getting his life turned around, with church, a steady love and good sheriffing, he is killed by a man whose sister he raped. The sheriff thought it was love in his drunken stupor, but realizes as he dies, almost grateful at this point, that he has been a bad person and could never make up for it, glad to die. Sadly, at the end we see that the next sheriff is even worse. I would play parts of “Limitless Light” over the final scene where he is lying on the ground looking up to the sky with a bullet wound in his chest, gasping, blood coming out of his mouth. After a minute or two of this I would fade to black and you would hear him say softly “I’m sorry”. Maybe he has found redemption or maybe it’s just desperate words. The rest of the song plays over the end credits.

MALUM/INSANE VESPER split- LUCIFERIAN DIMENSIONS- helter skelter/regain records- malum is from finland and vesper is from france- three songs each- facebook.com/malumfinland facebook.com/insanevesper – this is my 30th year of doing this and it is safe to say that I’ve heard hundreds of bands like these two. I think I can also safely say that there are hundreds of bands that sound like hundreds of bands too. Basically, I have heard it all, reviewed all types but I still look forward to hearing each and every new release. When I began reviewing music back at Lakeland College I don’t think I would have been open to even listening to a band like Malum. Black metal in all their demonic raspy vocal, guitar riff repeated over and over glory. But the one nice thing and there have been a few, about this thirty years is that it has opened me up to all kinds of music and its qualities. This split features six songs, three by each band. I get what black metal bands are going for but I wonder why they think the listeners would want to go along on a nine minute plus excursion right off the bat? The second song is six minutes plus, which is a little easier to digest, but I guess brutality has no limits. All three Malum songs sound the same. Insane Vesper sounds just like them, demonic vocals I can’t understand. Drumming a thousand beats per second, repeating guitar riffs. I’m a bit bored by it, but I will listen to the end. Okay I do have to say that when Insane Vesper slowed it down in the middle of the first song I liked it more. I liked the vocal effects they used as well. Shame they had to go back down that boring well traveled road they were on. Of the two I would listen to Insane Vesper again. More variety in their sound, it’s not all bash your skull in thrash metal. Oh, I do like the dual effect and buzzing guitars in the background on Insane Vesper’s last track.

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