SLTM 2.0 Episode 12


Moloch – VERWUSTUNG- “Negativitat” – facebook.com/Molochukr – Ukranian black metal horde- remastered vinyl version of the out of print release- Title is German for devastation- originally released in 2014 on CD- a good friend of mine from high school played in a band like this. Extreme metal he called it. He said the world was a putrid mesh of blood and shit and that we were all doomed from the start of it all. Man I miss that guy. His band was called Monkey Bites man, man fights back or monkey bites man for short. Track six on this release “Todesstille” was so quiet that I was sure my mp3 player had turned off. Someone is going to have to explain the idea behind that one to me. Its a quiet lonely church organ playing in the distance and I’m not sure I care enough to walk the four miles to the church to confirm that. Track seven is starting out as an organ/synth depression piece played at a louder volume. What gives? Why did they wait until the last tracks to work these in? Wouldn’t they work better as set up pieces in between the throat scrapping extreme beat your head in metal? I think they would. It feels almost like they ran out of ideas at the end, decided they needed a couple more songs and just improvised some atmospheric riff on the synth. The last song is an eleven minute plus piano dirge with someone plinking and plunking their way to my limited patience. These last three songs I don’t get. I get and like the first five or six songs but what in the hell is the point of these last three? And all in a row like that? I don’t get. Argentorecords.com

Pain Tank– 97.9 Million Confirmed Kills- “The mouth that doesn’t open” – recorded live in one eight hour session- released on bands on independent label Edgewood Arsenal Records- paintank.bandcamp.com – Uniformed shit show” is a great song title. I fear the kids would be slamming each other during this set. You should know what this is going in, meaning you should be able to easily guess its construct. No wonder there are 13 songs, all are very short. A minute fifty might be the longest one. On the title song the singer gets a little Dusty Rhodes, Mountain frog in his throat. “Driving back the occupier” has some interesting lyrics, especially for a thirty six second song. Wait, we have a three minute song. Holy Shit. “The void and all its tempations” , the last forty five seconds are feedback but it all counts. Their last song “Barcodes and byproducts” is over six minutes. Its their best song, and it makes me wish they’d done that all along. Also like the billy goat baying singer does towards the end.

Rebel Wizard– Triumph of Gloom- “Case of wretchedness” – reissue via Prosthetic Records- rebelwizard.bandcamp.com – this could have easily have dropped into speed freak metal but stayed old school metal. Second song, whatever they are doing with the vocals is a cool effect. Sounds like a screeching jaguar meowling in terror and rage into a fuzzed out burnt up barely working boombox. What if, and this be a good idea for my band, you have fast demonic throat ripping vocals but the lyrics are about mundane subjects like “make sure you put air in your tires before you go on a big trip” or “don’t liter its not nice and you might make someone cry”. How would anyone know the difference? Especially if I never include lyrics and call the songs cool titles like DEMON RIPPING MY LIMBS, HERO UNWORSHIP or SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS. I do actually like this band. They could have gone the thousand beats per second route with faster than fast guitar licks but they stayed with some swing. Okay, so they do go down that well trod road halfway into “Spell of Sorrow” but they save it with a nifty guitar solo at the end. “Hemorrhage Wonders” sounds like a lost track from AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Sloth Herder– NOT PITY FOR SUNRISE- Grimoire Records- “Agnosiak” – the video for the song we are playing a clip of would be just me for two minutes and twenty nine seconds doing a goofy back and forth two step. The mass confusion and inability to even understand what someone else is talking about has reached a new high in the last few years. We are all just preaching to the choir, hearing an echo reverberate in our own skulls. My older brother would never listen to this and even if he did it would just appear as noise to him. Not only is it not his cup of tea, but it wouldn’t even make sense in his world. I immersed myself in music for the last thirty years. Even I feel a bit removed from it, and whatever message it has and I’ve heard hundreds of bands and artists like this one.

Syk– I OPTIKON- “Optikon” – Italy based- housecore records- facebook.com/syk.official – housecorerecords.com – this feels like techno metal karaoake, pick your repetitive riff & get up there and sing your guts out. Singer went to the Geddy Lee school of metal enunciation. At times she seems to be on a nervous breakdown and at other times it seems like the sirens are trying to lure you into those rocks, but each of them is trying to over sing the other with a different song. Maybe this isn’t what it seems, repetitive techno metal riffs as a bed for the local chantuese to operatically ju-juice it. Maybe its the idea that life itself is rather repetitive, repeating, un relenting and that there really is no way to make it out but sing it in your own voice anyway. Truly. I don’t know what “Optikon” is but it sounds like some sort of prison in the future for dissidents kept in total darkness. The sounds of their souls and spirits being crushed playing over the PA for all to hear. Are you alone here? Is this mearly a trick to break you? The singers voice sounds like at times like it is on the brink of transformation. To what? Brutality?a nervous breakdown? Clarity? Not sure. You know what? I’m beginning to think that the prison they are refering to is no the normal concrete and steel ones. No its the prison in our minds, how trapped we are in there, and how there really is no escape. Any ideas of escape are only dreams. Then again maybe it’s about milkshakes. Hell, I’ve been accused of reading into songs. Plus I’m dumb.

Straightline– Vanishing Values- “Pleonexia” – facebook.com/straightlinemunich – birdattackrecords.com – been around since the late 90’s – three full lengths and three EP’s – what are they the beastie boys? – I’m gonna have to skip this for now and come back to it. It’s clean new metal and I don’t want to listen to it right now. Not feeling it so I will come back later. This from “Pleonexia” “how does it fell to be part of the elite? The upper crust of society?” well, this is just a guess but I’m gonna say pretty great. So checking the dictionary, its seems that Pleonexia is “extreme greed for wealth or material possessions” . Plus I would think that most of the upper crust are extreme narcicists so I bet the good feeling they have about themselves never goes away. The singer also asks “when will beets disappear?” Amen brother. Beets are just awful and they are a tool to pacify the masses. Fight the Beet Industry Complex. “Not Afraid” sticks up for the freaks in our society, the band is willing to go after the oppressors. They also catalog the labler’s too, while not asking to be merely left alone cause they want their piece too. I want to take a moment away from the review to say here that I am sorry for calling the Bullet Boys the dumbest band ever. Its just that when you hear some of their songs and read their lyrics you’re going to jump to that conclusion. I understand from friends that Marq Torien and the other fellas are very astute. So my apologies. Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah, so I’m going down on this chick in a Socony Gas station when all the sudden I realize that I left the pump running. So I run out…Oh sorry.wrong thing. This band says in the song “Off we go” that the “Future isn’t written”. I cry BULLSHIT. What are they saying in the “In the name of God” on the song “Holy Wars”? Thats not god. Religions fighting for dominance. Nice guitar solos. Almost megadethian there. Actually he’s saying “In the name of guilt”, I listened to it again. I think someone is calling out Catholicism? Let me finish this review by saying something about the state of mind and mood your are in when listening to music. It sometimes has nothing to do with the band, mostly it has to do with, for me at least, with how much music I’ve already listened to. Whether that be reviewing music or just listening for my own enjoyment. So don’t think that this band pissed me off or turned me off from the start, I was just done listening to music the first time I heard this.

Dead City Ruins
Sea Girls

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