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Music Reviews

Spazz– Sweatin II : Departed Live Gorilla Competition – “Shrimp on the Barbie” – tank crimes – originally released in 2001- 35 tracks from 1995-1996 – tankcrimes.com – old school hardcore, fast, loud, with attitude and a sense of humor. Interspersed with clips from Kung Fu Theater. 35 songs of it, there that’s done. Wait, “Total meathead fuck” is a nice slow jazzy jam with kung fu sound clips. During the last song, the six minute plus “Elder mutant stomp” someone says “I can’t believe people are still listening to this”. Me either. Really it’s not bad, the songs are quick except a couple of jams and there are some kung fu quotes. I think the clip we are going to play sums up the band perfectly, plus it has a nice banjo solo in it, and when do you get to hear that?

Thelma– S/T – Tiny Engines– February 2017 – facebook.com/thelmalala– “Ha Ha” – this reminds me of PJ Harvey. From “White Couches” “Where do we go when we die” which normally is a boring age old question but then Thelma says “Do we even want to know?” Which I think is an interesting rejoiner to the first part. I don’t think I do want to know where I’m going when I die, and I bet most people don’t really want to know either. Whether its due to the feeling of righteous religious belief, not wanting to spoil the ending or just basic fear. I am also hearing a little Kate Bush in the vocals. There are interesting arrangements, lots of sounds and pieces floating by, a nice river bed under the expressive, emotive vocals. “Ha Ha” has an interesting off kilter arrangement. Things are flying by in the hot wind of summer, bang, boom switch. Then the singer lets out with a screeched “Haaa!” and we realize the whole town is flying by in some sort of Burtian wind storm. We might not wind up back in town when we come down, but at least we got to see what our house looks like from up here. Plus when is the last time we were in the county seat? 10 years and my how things have changed. “Thelma” is just simply put a very beautiful song. It has just a touch of Sparklehorse melancholy here and there. The same kind of sadly beautiful depression I enjoy being enveloped in for a time and find hard to get out of, either by want or distraction.

The Drip – The Haunting Fear of Inevitability- “Covered in Red” – Relapse Recordstwitter.com/thedripofficial – now this is brutal metal. Fast paced, unrelenting, and the vocalist is screaming his voice through the wall of the club. Pummeling. Let’s say you’re an accountant or even a pump jockey at the local STUHH-UCKEYS and you would like a little brutality in your life? Where you going to turn? You’re Uncle Hal? Sure he’s good for a truamatizing story or two, but he ain’t brutal. Sure you could go down to the local A&P and watch the stockboys strangle rats with their belts out in the back lot. No you want some real brutality, one after the other with no let up. That’s where the Drip comes in, and makes you glad you found them.

Tomb Mould– Primordial Malignity- Blood Harvest– “Merciless Watcher” – this is exactly as you would think it would sound. What’s that? You have no idea what the name and album title suggest? Come on, get your head out of that freezer and pay attention. I do like the sound they are getting from their guitars. It is kind of a fuzzed tuning, reminds me of a 1950’s Roger Corman or drive in movie from that era. You know the kind of drive in movie I mean? Where an outlaw biker gang infiltrates a sleep small town. Actually, I see it as a movie about young hoods in town racing their cars, a car club kind of thing, black and white picture. There are a few deaths due to the careless nature of the racing. Town tries to close them down. Of course in the 1950’s cinema gangs weren’t bad people, just a few mixed up teens. In an ironic twist one of the local young nice guys has to defend the young tough who accidently killed his fiance in one of the races. He argues that it’s not the gangs fault that the accident happened but that society is to blame. Listening to this a third/fourth time through on my laptop at full volume is a different experience . All chaotic clammer with vocals distantly dispelling some forgone notion of our doom. It’s like I’m in some damned movie in the middle of nowhere, all by myself when the radio I’ve been carrying with me suddenly comes to life. I’m not sure wether to be relieved someone else is out there or fearful because they clearly are not friendly and they will be no help to me.

Fuck You Pay Me- Dumbed Down– “Ammosexual” – Led by Cleveands Tony Erba- tankcrimes.comfacebook.com/fypoclevo – I am digging the vibe of the song clip we are playing. I tried to find their lyrics to the song but couldn’t find them, I might be reading the song wrong. One of their songs called to mind the Replacements “Dope Smoking Moron”. They do name check COC in “White guys with machetees”, I need to hear it again though cause it caught me by surprise. Fast hardcore with a message. Okay to me “Ammosexual” seems to be about those out there who indentify by their gun size, clip and ammo. Sadly, I know a few people like that in my life. Their guns are who they are. “Douche Chills”, what happens when hipster doufus douchers take over your downtown. The place used to welcome everyone but especially the maligned and forgotten. Its happening all over, and its happening in my town too. On the song “I don’t like you, and you don’t like me” it could be about our current political situation, one side hates the other and refuses to hear what they have to say. On the other hand it could be about how we all feel towards politicians and how they feel about us.

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