Sleepwalker – The Dark One – Music Review

Sleepwalker – The Dark One – Music Review

Sleepwalker EP The Dark One

SLEEPWALKERThe Dark One– 5 track album – Digital Download
Music Review by Brad Bugos (host of SLTM The Podcast)

First off, let’s give some much needed credit to Tucker Riggleman here. I don’t know if he found these guys or they’re friends, but many thanks to him for passing this along. Tucker has got a good ear, The Demon Beat (which he is part of) and now this fine group? Dude should start a record label…oh.

This five track EP is available for free as a digital download on the bands bandcamp site (links above and below)or you can stream it there as well.

The First track makes me think of Pearl Jam, in a good way, like it’s a nice lost track from that band during the VS period. Really, if I played this song to most people I don’t think they would argue with me that it was a Pearl Jam demo. The singer sounds a lot like a troubled young Eddie Vedder. Nice track, I like the progression, it’s a bit held back at first, and then the singer delves into this howl. Nice touch. At first I wasn’t sure this should be the opening song, it really differs in feel and atmosphere from the middle two tracks but it shares a lot with the closing song “6s”. So it’s a nice bookend. Plus I like the heaviness of the guitar parts in the middle, a little weight is nice.

The Second track, “Burn up in Car” is my favorite. When the lead singer starts the song off with “Tell the waterfall to fuck itself” , I’m in. It’s a nice approach to a broken heart, a little venom directed towards the person who trampled your heart and soul. “I hope you burn up in that fucking car”, who hasn’t secretly wished that on a former lover? It’s a beautiful song, it never goes past the point of overdoing the pain, he seems almost overjoyed at the prospect of “her” burning up in that fucking car and the seat belt holding them in to feel the pain. I feel ya man, in my younger days I could feel that sort of passion for someone. Now, I’m just dead inside.

“Dirty as Hell” is a nice catchy pop tune, but I think it’s over too quick. I understand a band knows when to cut their songs and knows the life of a song, but this one is a little too good to end this early. Really, guys don’t be afraid to stretch it out, you’ve got good riffs and instrument chemistry.

“Red Balloons” is a slower lament. I’ve always wanted to use lament in a review, sorry. It is though, and even though the Eddie Vedder sounding singer is back, and that is no dis by the way, just a point of order. I like the guys voice, it’s just my way to distinguish between the two voices. Using two singers is a great idea now a days. When two lead singers trade off, it gives you so much more flexibility and a different type of song you can work out.

“6s” is the longest song on the EP and the last song. It’s a slower song, more of a groove than the other songs. It’s a nice slow jam, and the noise elements in the mix, I have no idea what that sound is in the background, but it works. It shows off the fine inter-play between the band, the instruments floating a wonderful bed under those pained and aching vocals.

This EP was a nice discovery, I’m glad Tucker sent me a note asking me to check out the band. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this EP, about 15 times all the way through. I hope the band is working on more music, this EP was too short for me. The only complaint I got is that this EP needed more songs, and the mix between singers needs to be a little more balanced. A wonderful find, these guys just made my year end best of show.

Brad Bugos – SLTM (The Podcast) Host brad@fatrobotradio.com


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