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I said “Fuck” on the radio one time.It was back when I was working at WLKL 90 FM Lakeland College in Mattoon, IL. I was working a six hour shift at night, and my good buddy Marc Hendrill had stayed over from his shift to hang out. We started chatting on the air, telling stories, making up stuff to make us seem interesting. Then we put out a call for someone to bring us free food. We were poor college kids, looking for someone to bring us a free burger or taco.

Marc – “All we are saying is, if you own a sandwich shop or just made a pizza and no one picked it up, bring it out to Lakeland and we’ll tell everyone how great your food taste”

Brad – “Yeah. Anything will do. We’re starving here. Just bring us a fucking Sandwich…..”

Then I paused for a few seconds, looked at Marc in shock and turned the mics off and played a song. Thankfully, the program director/station manager wasn’t listening at the time. I panicked. I should have kept talking like it was no big deal, and then played a song. I was like a scared kid who accidentally hit a car with his dirt clod. I ran away.

Now I can say Fuck all I want, I’m doing a free music podcast. Sad thing is, no one is listening now either. OH WELL…..FUCK!!!

Music on Episode 119 of SLTM (The Podcast)
Megaton Leviathan
Peter Wolf Crier
Archive Cassette Track- MIND EXTINGUISHERS – “I don’t wanna win/lose” – From the Cassette Tape OUT OF THE BASEMENT & STILL SMILING
Classic Album Now- STEEL POLE BATHTUBTulip

Interview Clip – Nathan and Mao from Rvins at Mike N Mollys Champaign,IL 8/19/2011 – Rvins Bandcamp Site – Error Records on Bandcamp

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