RICK SIMS please come home Soon!


This is my yearly plea to Rick Sims, he of the Didjits and The Gaza Strippers, to please make more music. In case you don’t know Rick, in which case your life must be a sad empty place, I direct you to check out Hornet Pinata by the Didjits, one of the best rock albums ever made. Need further proof of Rick’s greatness? Also see Hey Judester or the Gaza Strippers album Laced Candy. The man is just a brilliant songwriter. If I ever won the lottery, which would be impossible since I don’t play, I would ask that Rick get both bands back together and make two new albums, plus I would pay him ridiculous money to play at a party.

Since that will never happen, let’s hope Rick Sims makes some new music because he loves making new music. The world would be a better place for it, at least for a half an hour or so.

Come home Soon Rick Sims, we miss you!

MUSIC ON EPISODE 174 OF SLTM (the Podcast):
Les Sages
Burn Burn Burn!
General Lee

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