Rich Hall’s Donkey Ride to Hell


Hey how about this episode, I tell you about some books I’ve read recently or that I am in the process of reading? NO? You would rather hear me bitch about being treated unfairly by the man? No. Oh, I see you want me to make up some story about how Roy Firestone came to my house one Sunday for Football and how he got so upset that his Patriots lost that he vomited all over Jim Fregosi’s toupee? Not going to happen.

Here are some books I’ve enjoyed recently.
AMERICAN DEMON – Jack Grisham – Former TSOL front man writes a hell of a story with a nice twist in the narrative. Really good story telling, takes a well worn format and gives it a nice tweak. Good book.

WALKING DEAD Compendium 1 – I had started watching the TV first, sorry fellow graphic novel readers, but I didn’t know about this one much until the show started. Graphic Novel takes some violent turns, and some unexpected twists. I did not see Lori dieing in the prison. Good stuff.

SEE A LITTLE LIGHT- Bob Mould with Michael Azzerad- I’ve only gotten to the part where Bob, Grant and Greg have started touring a lot and are about to start recording their first record. Good book. I’m glad Mould wrote this, it’s nice to see a little bit into his life, I love his music and can only be curious how it was formed. Some personal stuff about his family and his childhood. Nice book.

Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast)#118
Wolves at Bay
Secret Colours
Horrible Things
Untimely Demise
Good Night and Good Morning
The Masada Complex

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