Rabbits – Bites Rites Album Review

Rabbits – Bites Rites Album Review


Album Review
Rabbits – Bites Rites- Good To Die Records – Bandcamp Site

What a feeling this album prevokes in me. Well, it’s a good feeling to start out with. Let me examine this release, and try to convey to you why it makes me happy.

It might be the scuzzy feeling in my heart, the dirty grease in my veins, all the late night smokes and beers with dirty women, that this music brings to the surface when I hear it.

Or it could be the warm, tired, road weary feeling I get in my bones when I listen to this. It’s like we’ve been playing rock and roll on the road, harassing gas station attendants, we’ve got road rash and we’re burnt out, but goddam it are we having a fucking good time.

It’s not only that, and the bass and sludge of it, but it’s the damn good song titles too. These sons of bitches sound like they are having a good damn time, despite the hangovers, dirty clothes and puke mated road hair. Jesus, to be 25 again and on the road with a band that’s this close to either running the van into a wall, or playing scuzzy rock n roll for those few smart enough to see a band on the edge of rock and roll and puking their guts out. Either way, it’s going to be a hell of a show.

There are times when I’m doing whatever the hell I think this is that I do, and I feel like I’m ready to throw in the towel. It can be a bit tedious and harsh. Then there are times when I get something like this album from Rabbits (no, they did not save my soul from total damnation or pull me from the edge of quitting by themselves), and I realize that I really enjoy doing what I do, and I hope that I can keep doing it until I kick off for real.

Now, do yourself a favor, head on over to the Good To Die Records Bandcamp Page (handy link right there) and listen to this LP from Rabbits. Actually, just listen to the Fifth Track, Meth Valley 99 and let that soak in, the full compliment of sound from this band and then tell me that at the very least (and smack yourself if you can’t agree to this small point) this band is very sonically and musically interesting. It’s a good song, especially when they slow it down at about the middle, it’s a drug hazy muddle mind massage, it’s so good, it’s like sticky candy for your ear hole’s butthole.

Listen, these music reviews take me forever for a reason, I listen to these releases about 50 times, on average; most of the time more. This one, in my opinion (and you must want it if you are reading this), is good and interesting. It’s worth your time, it’s worth your $5 for a digital download and your Earhole’s Butthole will thank you.

Music Review By Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

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