Pygmalion Festival to SLTM (The Podcast): “Drop Dead”


It came with some surprise and a little bit of shock this week that we here at SLTM (the Podcast) were told that we should not expect an invitation to the cool party. The Pygmalion Festival, which is held in Champaign/Urbana each year, features three nights of solid rock and roll. It has some big names, like Starfucker (Who are just amazing, I mean that last LP was brilliant) and some really good local bands, like our friends the Dirty Feathers.

Problem is, we asked to get in to interview a few bands and see a few shows, and we were told “Not this year, and probably not ever, but if you want to hold your breath, maybe you’ll get light headed and die soon”. Of course, we are just a small podcast from the Champaign/Urbana area. Just a four year old podcast playing music you don’t normally hear on the radio. Before that? Well we were a zine for ten years and twenty issues. So who are we? Well, according to Pygmalion Festival we are nobodies.

While we sulk in the corner and cry ourselves to sleep tonight, here’s Episode 117 of SLTM (The Podcast). We hope you like it, cause really after the terrible blow we received this week from PF, we could use some love.

In a terrible heap of tears,
Your Host Brad Bugos
Music on this Episode:
Cassette Track: Park – TRENTO – “Telephone Wire”
So Hideous, My Love
Gray Young
Ugly Stick – Two Tracks, one from SHAVED and one from PICK UP THE HATCHET
Dirty Feathers
Interview Clip – Secret Colours August 12, 2011 Cowboy Monkey – Full Interview posts on August 19, 2011
Cool Music Site- Rock My Monkey

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